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shoulder after surgery

I had arthroscopic surgery on my left shouder to repair a torn rotator cuff with bone spurs. weakness and pain when moving arm. About 6 weeks after surgery before I could start physical therapy, I slipped on ice and crushed my right shoulder and broke my right hip. about 2 yeqrs later my left shoulder has very restricted movement and locks up when reaching straight left with periodic pain about 5 to 7.

i recently had an MRI here is the report with boiler plate removed.

** HISTORY **:
Left shoulder status post decompression. Distal clavicle
resection. Pain, some weakness

There is fluid in the region of the subacromial
subdeltoid bursa may be postoperative in nature, bursitis
Study is somewhat artifact limited. There appears to be at least a
partial tear /tendinopathy of the anterior supraspinatous tendon.
Tendinopathy of the intraspinous tendon also noted. There may be
partial tear of the anterior aspect of the intraspinous tendon as

My question is, Should I do another surgery or try to live with it? Now I cannot use eithrt arm above my head in any overhans way.
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