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Bone Density Scan T score -3.4

I am a 47 year old petite female, post-menopause (hysterectomy when I was 35). A recent bone density scan revealed a T score of -3.4 in lumbar spine, -2.5 in the hips. Dr called in a prescription for Fosamax (to take once a week for next two years) and he told me to begin taking it along with Caltrate + D immediately, perform weight bearing exercise (which I already do), and eat healthy (which I already do). The Dr. kinda left me hanging until my appointment on the 20th. I also have advanced degenerative disc disease, bulging disc in the lumbar spine (with spurs), spinal stenosis, and osteoarthritis. I had an anterior discectomy at C5-C6 (titanium plate fusion) 6 years ago. I exercise to deal with pain and try very hard to avoid medicine with harmful side effects. Any thoughts on Fosamax? Alternatives? Are there any exercises I shouldn't be doing? This is all new to me; any input or comments would be greatly appreciated. I am still a bit shocked over the -3.4 T score.
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Look into Biodensity (exercise machine offered by some gyms, etc. which you use 1/week for about 15 minutes to stress bones to stimulate bone formation)
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