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7 yrs clean of ovarian cancer but hurt all over

I just wanted to know if I am the only one with many yrs after chemo and still have horrible joint/muscle pain and fatique.  I feel like docs don't really want to admit that chemo can do all this to you for so long.  I took carbo and tax for stage iii c. I was given the top dosing because I was so young to get this.  Ive had every kind of blood test there is and all looks good except thyroid and adrenal which I take meds for.  I also have terrible neuropathy in my hands and feet which I know is from chemo. Anyone who can shed light on this issue please let me know.  Thanks
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If you have Neuropathy the only thing they can do is put you on Gabenpentin for the pain. I did not get Neuropathy luckily. I have been in chemo for two years now. It is good you have been off treatment for seven years. I was Stage IIIC and it spread to my liver, spleen, heart, and lymph system the first year.

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Sorry to hear you had ovarian cancer. The loss of estrogen can cause joint and muscle pain as well as fatigue so that may be a contributing factor. Hysterectomy can cause reduced nerve and blood flow to extremities although chemo would probably be the primary cause of the neuropathy.
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