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Hi, just wondering if anyone here can please help me! i have just been told my cancer has come and that it is  stage IIIA borderline serous tumor with NONINVASIVE implants meaning i cant have chemo, bloo tests and scana are also not effective. Just wondering what treatment other women are having?

thanks MEL :)
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There are several on this board that have borderline tumors.  Hopefully, one of them will post to you as I bump this up to the top.  The prognosis is very good no matter what stage but they can recur.  I have read follow up should be the same as other ovarian cancer...every three months at first and less frequent with time.  Did you have TAH/BSO?  I have read it is recommended to have all removed after pregnancy if you had a fertility sparing surgery.  Recurrences tend to be later with borderline tumors.  Good luck to you.
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Thanks hopeshell, no i did not have any TAH/BSO? i want a hystorectomy and everything taken once i have kids or if not before. The  Ca 125 does not work for me so i am a little scared as i really only have my own instinct but i guess its proven so far to be better than doctors. thanks for your imput.
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Hi Mel. I am surprised that with a reoccurance and stage 3 (even of borderline OC) they did not do a complete hysterectomy (TAH/BSO, total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy, or removal of both ovaries). I was dx with stage 1a and go to Roswell Cancer Center and when I was there did some reading as follows:
They recommend TAH/BSO and "aggressive cytoreductive surgery. Patients with stage 3 and 4 disease with no gross residual disease have had a 100% survival rate".
Non-invasive implants is very good.

Were you treated by a Gynecological Oncologist? This is very important.
Good luck and make sure you get regular follow-up.
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