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Adnexal Mass

Good morning,
I was diagnosed with a 4cm right adnexal mass (next to my one remaining ovary - had TAH in 2006) last week by a urologist (am having issues with urinary frequency and incontinence). As I await my gyno appointment next week to determine best course of action, I continue to experience right side stomach pain. BUT, I have had a back ache for almost a year, lower lumbar right side. Can the right side lower back ache possibly be attributed to the right side adnexal mass? And has anyone ever heard of this type of mass (so close to the ovary) affecting moods - for example having mood swings like I used to when I was still menstruating? I also have breast/nipple tenderness. I am just curious if these random symptoms which have been bugging me can be tied in together. Thanks so much for reading this!
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Yes the mass could cause most of those symptoms. I am not a doctor so I do not know about the breasts an moods but I think it is possible.

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I agree with HVAC. Ovarian cysts / masses can cause changes in hormones so, yes, breast sensitivity and mood swings are possible. Is your doctor monitoring it for now since it is not too large? If it does need to be removed, hopefully, you will have a surgeon who can remove just the cyst since you only have one ovary and need to count on it for producing hormones the rest of your life. Speaking from personal experience, surgical menopause is a hellish existence!

The lower back pain could be from the cyst or the anatomical / skeletal changes caused by the severing of uterine ligaments during hysterectomy. I am 9 years post- hysterectomy and have occasional back (and hip) pain.
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