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Anyone currently on a clinical trial?

Hi everyone...I'm going to my oncologist next Monday to discuss what my next drug of choice will be. Since clinical trials are about the only hope I have, I'm just wondering if any of you are on any trials right now? I'm also interested in the name of the drug you're on and what kind of results your having. I'm trying to get into a trial for a drug called Brivanib - they've had great results with it, but it's on hold right now while things are being assessed. Apparently the drug is very similar to Avastin, but it's a pill you take at home everyday - wouldn't that be ideal?! The other drug I'm being offered is called ENMD-2076 - gotta love the names of these drugs...nothing like really making you feel like your part of some freaky science expierement ;)
Any info, as always, would be appreciated. For the first time since I was diagnosed nearly 5 years ago, I'm getting really scared that I'm running out of options.
Becky xx
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Hi Becky!
So sorry you are having to go through this, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
My sister was diagnosed 2 years ago--3c. She had IP chemo.  Last month she had shoulder pain did a scan to rule out lung issues and found mets to liver and spleen.

I live in Canada, but she is from N.D and is doctoring in Minneapolis.  The have started her on Doxil and a trial called Lenalidomide ane it is a pill form every day.

She had her first dose yesterday and was feeling really good last night.  She is a the U of Minneapolis.
I'll keep you posted.  take care.
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Hi becky,
about to start one possibly Cvac , here in australia and US http://www.primabiomed.com.au/trail/ completely harmless, non toxic, anyway info on site. i am been accepted for free treatment and am trying to make these "BIG" decisions at such a young age. Its doing my head in.

Good luck becky,

Mel x
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I'm about to decide whether to continue with my current plan of treatment (Avastin) and add another agent, like Cytoxan, or to start a Phase I trial. My pelvic tumors are stable or decreasing on the Avastin, but mets in my lungs are not responding and continue to grow. I don't know what trials will be available when my four-week off-drug clean-out is over (should my onc recommend that path), but I can certainly keep you posted... don't think there were any ENMDs nor have I heard of Brivanib. There were several receptor and protein inhibitors, and at least two of them were oral pills (yay!). The other thing to keep in mind is that when you're part of a trial your office-visit schedule gets much more intense: sometimes they want to see you once or even twice a week for blood levels and exams. Something to keep in mind.

I did a trial of Sunitinib (Sutent) last year at this time; it's approved and works well for kidney cancer and had shown promise in ovarian cancer, but not for mine. Dammit. Where are you being treated? It's certainly nice to have trials as a choice when the traditional stuff wears out, but I know what you mean about running out of options.

Keep me posted,

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You might want to read the article and see the video at the following site regarding ENMD-2076, which is an oral capsule taken once per day..


Good luck and GOD bless,

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I was on a phase 1 trial of Doxil, Avastin & Torisel from June through November of last year. My tumors shrunk about 50% but the side effects finally were bad enough that I got off. I had skin toxicity issues big time.  I then switched to Avastin & Cytoxan for 10 weeks where I had progression.  

Because of the side effects from the clinical trial, my Gyn-Onc decided to try single agent Torisel to see if I could get a response without being so miserable.  I have only had 3 doses ( weekly) and should find out what my CA125 is doing this week.

I have stage 4 clear cell and my Dr thinks the targeted therapies are my best chance for stability.  We will be trying most of the renal cell targeted therapies.  I know there are a couple of interesting phase 1 trials that I might try when this stops working. I am lucky to live in Houston and be treated by MDAnderson so finding out about the latest trials is easy.

Personally?  I would give them a shot.

Good luck

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I heard about this on the news this morning, you may have already found this, but just in case


Best Wishes to you.
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Just FYI


Good luck and GOD bless,

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