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Becky's You Tube Video Tribute


Hi All,

Above is a link to a video tribute related to Becky.


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I've never cried so much for a person whom I've never meant, but who so deeply touched me.  That was a very precious video.  Thank you for sharing.
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What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl, its just so tragic and I can,t stop thinking about Becky. Thankyou for posting this Karen
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Make sure to have tissues on hand for this.  It's a beautiful tribute.  Thanks for sharing it.  
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I saw the posting for this on Becky's Facebook wall on Saturday. Words cannot say how touching this video is... what a beautiful piece; what a beautiful tribute. I admit I got teary- eyed throughout the film and then that last picture of Becky came on...of Becky in the hospital bed surrounded by her family. That alone brought tears to my eyes that I never thought possible (as Jane said, for a person I've never met). I sobbed.

My husband came to see what was going on and all I could do was point to the computer screen and spit out the word, "Becky." He put his hands on my shoulders and said, "I'm so sorry."

How well we all know now just how possible it is to know and love someone we've never met in person.

Thank you for posting this here....

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Incredible. She was so cute as a baby but the older she got, the more I cried. I could see that beautiful smile develop and those adorable chubby cheeks that gave her the forever young look. The world doesn't know what it's lost.
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I watched this on Saturday, too, and took the liberty of sending the link to a few friends and family members.  I wanted them to know the person I cried about all week.  I didn't send it simply to make them cry along with me, but to see Becky and the beautiful person she was, not just another victim of ovarian cancer.  It really is a beautiful tribute.  I found myself laughing through tears some of the time while watching it.  It certainly is a keepsake.

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Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.   Becky truly touched my heart.    I miss hearing from her and think about her every day!

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It is a beautiful video. The tears were flowing especially when it got to the last photo.
Thank you so much for posting this.

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Now the tears I've been holding back are flowing.  She shared so much of her life with us.  So beautiful...
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stunning, beautiful--not enough words....  the music was perfect.  I agree that I've never cried or grieved so much for someone I never met. Whether I met her or not she and Deandra both impacted my life powefully.  I would come home from work after having a bad day and get on-line to see if there were updates.  Even if there weren't it gave me perspective.  They also showed us how to die with dignity and that is an amazing thing.
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no words....only tears.

I love you Becky - rest in peace!!!
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That was the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen.  I am going to miss her so very much.

I love you Becky!!  I know you are in a much better place walking with Jesus and smiling down upon us.  You were an inspiration to all of us and we are going to miss you greatly!!  
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How beautiful.....What a tribute....The tears are flowing....rest in peace Becky....With Love, Dawnlyn
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