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Borderline ovaian cancer

Hi am Gynac cancer surgeon from India. a 28 yrs old ( para 1,living-18 months LSCS ) patient was ref to me after ovarain mass excesion by local gynaecologist.the pathology report 1)mod diff adeno ca of ovary 2)borderline ovarian cancer with micropapillary pattern
I have advised third openion from one of my reliable pathologist.my difficulties are as follows,kindly guide me-
is PET scan any role in boredrline ovarian cancers
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Hi There,
it makes sense to get a good pathology consultation. The other option you have is to have a telemedicine consultation.

For instance, at Massachusetts General Hospital we have a service for that


or you can email the person who runs the service: ***@****

They have the ability to have a pathologist here review your slides, a radiologist review any xrays, and an oncologist review the whole case and give a formal recommendation.

For your 28 year old, it will be crucial to get the right diagnosis.Does she need full staging surgery and chemotherapy versus just close follow up with CA 125 tests and ultrasounds as would be the case for a borderline tumor?

best wishes
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Thanks for ur comment.would like to know role of PET SCAN in BOT
Regards Dr.Prashant Nyati Gynac onco surgeon India
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There is no role for a PET ct scan here
take care
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Hello doctor Goodman,
thanks for your kind guidance.
I would like one more help from you.
I am intrested in learning radical debulking ovarian cancer surgeries,and want to come to USA for the same.Can you please guide me regarding:-
- which institute will be the best for me for learning radical ovarian debuliking surgeries and also along with laproscopic in gynac cancers,
-how to approach?
Thanks for the advice.
Dr.Prashant Nyati
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Dear Dr Nyati,
thank you so much for your interest. Any major cancer center with a dedicated gynecologic oncology program does these surgeries.

for instance Dr Dennis Chi at Memorial Sloan Kettering is famous for his teaching of ultraradical surgery

for instance see


some programs have the ability to host observers.

here is a website of programs


To do actual surgery in the US , one has to have a medical license to practice.

best wishes

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