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What is considered a normal CA 125?  
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In Australia it's 35, but I think it's different in the US
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Under 35 in New Zealand too.
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Under 35 in the UK too, some places it is under 20 but I,m  not sure where,
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it also depends on the lab. one lab will say under 20 and another lab across the street will say 35. plus alot of factors play into it..if your premenapausal it could be up...even benign tumors can raise it..endo..infection..and of course benign cysts.
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I believe in Canada and the US its 35 and below also
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While technically under 35 is normal for most labs in the US, if you are monitoring a recurrence finding a baseline can be more useful.  I was loaded with stage 4B OvCa but only had a CA125 of 350; it baselined at 5 for several treatments before inching back up. ANY deviation for me seems to indicate it is growing. A month ago my CT was stable showing 2 liver mets having not grown and lymph nodes enlarged but also stable. My CA125 was 14.

Others can remain stable at much higher levels.

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hi there - they told me under 35 was good- but  its been 14  i'm only 6 months out of treatment, then last month it was 21 and this month 26 - the way it seems to me  is its aparently  moving up and i am am very concerned - i always hate calling for the results. i've been told there are other reasons for it to spike- but what would those reasons be?
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