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DES Baby?

On another website someone asked how many of us were DES babies (i.e., mother took DES during pregnancy).

DES was a synthetic estrogen given to women between 1938 and 1971 to help them with various issues regarding bringing a baby to term.  It was at the time considered a miracle drug to many women with multiple miscarriages and a history of premature deliveries, but was later linked to a rare form of vaginal cancer in female offspring so in 1971 the FDA took it off the market.

Since then, they've also found that women who took DES have an increased risk for breast cancer.  Women exposed to DES in the womb are at an increased risk for clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina and cervix, reproductive tract structural differences, pregnancy complication and infertility.  Men exposed to DES in the womb are at an increased risk  for non-cancerous epididymal cysts.

My mother took DES with both her pregnancies.  Anyone else out there?  I have never been asked by any doctor about whether or not I had been exposed to DES.
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I took Stilbesterol  during my pregnacy with my daughter in 1957. when she was DX with OVCA at Mayo in Minn, they "said" ??  they did a test that showed that her OVCA was NOT connected to the drug, I have been unable to find any research about any such test to determine any such results, I feel that this was a "ploy" to make us feel better and not point fingers.  I have also researched alot on radiation causing cancer, my hubby was exposed to large amounts of radiation during his time in the Navy in 1945-47,  he participated in the Bikini Atoll atomic tests , research has shown that over 67% of these men died from cancer and many of the second and third generations are also affected, there is a big government "cover up" on this..  the doctors at Mayo were quick to admit that my daughter did not meet any of the known criteria for deveoping OVCA and that they were very surprised, they kept her organs  for future study when more is known .  Nione of the changed her battle with cancer but if these two  factors were looked into deeper , just maybe, we would learn a little more abnout the causes, and could offer some help for early detection.   Marty
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Marty -- it's interesting that you should bring up the radiation exposure issue.  My father died of sinus cancer at age 45 in 1969.  The cancer is assumed to have been directly related to radiation treatments he received as a teenager to 'cure" his severe eczema and, they now think, to his exposure to asbestos during WWII when he was assigned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard (since he died 40 years ago, we'll never know the true cause).

I also can't find any "test" relating to DES and OVCA.  And as I indicated, my gyn oc didn't even ask.  Seems like this is something they should at least take into consideration.
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I was not a DES baby.  No one in my family was exposed to radiation.  

Sorry, I have nothing exciting to add.

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