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Deandra's Memorial Tribute


Hi All,

Here's the link to Deandra's memorial video.


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Again, for someone I never knew, the tears just flew.  What a beautiful young lady.  Another life stolen by this wicked disease.  So tragic and sad.  I do believe that her and Becky walk in the heavens are truly our guardian angles.
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I loved looking at the photos. My favorite was the one at the beach where she has her back to the camera and she's walking towards the surf. Not sure why but it's so beautiful even if you can't see her face. It touches something inside.

I still can't get past the fact that someone so young and vibrant was so **** sick. How does that happen? Why does it happen?
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Deandra was so full of life.  It is so sad that she faced this beast at such a young age and that is stole her from the many who loved her so much.  I still can't believe that she and Becky passed on the same day.  Their families have done a wonderful job with the picture memorials.  Although it is very hard to watch them without being overwhelmed with sadness.
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Again what a lovely tribute...The tears are just flowing, rest in peace our dearest Deandra....With love, Dawnlyn
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Beautiful tribute for Deandra, I still can,t believe it happened, its just too sad for words.
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Thank you for sharing this link. I too, can't believe it of Deandra and Becky. So sad.
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i can finally look at this.

a beautiful tribute to her.
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