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Did someone get the tag # off the truck that ran me over?

Hi my friends, well I am home, and boy am I sore, stiff, etc. etc.  Surgery went great, my doctor was thrilled, they removed the tumor will no problems at all, checked all around my innards, and I mean everything, and he said everything looks great.  But WOW what an incision, it's over 12 inches long.  So if I cough or move the wrong way, Ouchies! as my grandson would say.  I am almost walking fully erect, but not quite.  But that you all for all your prayers, because someone listened.  Now I just have to heal and get round ready for round 2, and hopefully that's it.  I will see a new oncologist within a few weeks and get a plan together for chemo.  My gyn/oncologist send my slides out, some place, to have them tested for chemo resistence, so that's cool.  Hopefully I will just jump in and get it done, assume will be the same, 6 cycles of some lovely cocktail, but will worry about that later.
On a grosser note, just have to say, anybody out there that has to do the , new you know what prep, go for Miralax.  I was more terrified of the prep than the surgery itself.  The miralax, was great.  Put it in some crystal light, and it just tasted like Lemon Ice Tea.
Also had never been to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, but the nursing staff in every place I was, were fantastic, couldn't of asked for anything else, well for someone to actually give me something that would work on all the gas that is in my gut LOL
Saddest thing, no more bikini's for me LOL Like I wear them.  Hope everyone is doing well and will touch base with you all later.

Jane :)
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I am really surprised at how good I feel, with the size of this incision I really thought it was going to be much worse.  And for the most part, I am surprised on my mind and spirit, it's as if I am very calm, and on a very rare occassion my mind wanders and thoughts pop in and out of my head like, what happens after I finish chemo, when will it come back, what happens if it comes back even faster next time, ~~~~~.
Oh well I go back and see my gyn/oncologist on the 16th, then will schedule to see a new oncologist real close to my home, and will assume we will jump into the getting chemo started, no use in prolonging it.  Well just wanted to say HI to everyone.

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I am shocked at your turn of events.  Take care of yourself and let us know how things are going for you. I am so sorry you have to go through this again.
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I am so happy you are at home.  Please remember to do everything doctors say.....and rest---rest---and get some more rest.  I don't think I am saying anything others have not already said.  It was good to come on here and see that you posted.   I am sending you cyber ((hugs)) gently though....Post when you can. Love, Dawnlyn
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So glad to hear you're home and it's over (almost).  You sound like your spirits are high.  

Onward and upward!
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Glad all went well with the surgery.  Heal fast.  You sound ready for anything!!  Marie
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Hey there, kid!  Thank you for touching base so quickly.......good news is always welcome!  
Resting isn't always easy with little grandchildren around, but , alas; rest you must!  
You take care.....you really sound good.  
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I have been thinking of you all weekend.  SO HAPPY things went well!!!!!  Rest, relax, heal and get ready to get rid of this nasty beast!!!!  


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Yippee! Yahoo! You're home and doing great, just what I've been asking for. Truly, I'm thrilled the surgery went well, they were able to get in there and get rid of the little alien. I always have to wonder how they put back the squiggly parts after they've stirred them around.

You know how it goes: the outside may look good in a week or so but continue to take it easy. The inside doesn't heal as fast.

Giant hugs to you.
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I'm glad you're up and about. I wish I knew you were at Mercy that's not too far from my work on Baltimore and South Street.  Welcome to the 12" club.  I'm not sure I could have worn a bikini before my surgery but definately not after.  Rest up and let me know if you are coming back to the city for future check ups. Lisa
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So glad to hear from you and to know all is well...or as well as it can be.  It sounds like you had quite a round.  So, what does the other guy look like?? :)  You know the drill...rest, rest, and rest a little more!  Stay in touch as you feel like it, and definitely let us know the plan when you have one.  Sending lots of gentle hugs your way!

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I am glad you are home and doing ok. I am sorry they cut you that big. i know my experience isn't like yours but I had my galbladder out over 22 years ago and they cut me and it was about 12 inches too.  I can still remember how painful it was. I hope they don't have to cut me very big this time. I am scedualed to have a total hysterectomy on the 23rd. I will be praying for a quick recovery for you.
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