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I am not clear on what type of procedure was done today. Endobiopsy was checked and the procedure was not painful. A slight pinch was all I felt. I also did not see a catheter like I read on some other womends blogs.
The Dr said results take twoo weeks and I should call. He said everything looked fine. I think he did a procedure three weeks ago called cystoscope. It was an ultrasound where a liguid was injected. That turned out fine.
I have had ovarian systs that burst or dissolve. I have them checked and they are fine. I am 51 and bleed every other week, so that is why he is doing so many "tests" although he did give me a prescription for Prevara today.
That is to to used the first ov every month for 10 days and I did use Prometrium several times before this for the same thing. I just wonder if I really had an endobiopsy since it didn't really hurt. Is there a medical person here who could tell me if its feasible that he only "pretended" to do this and it really wasn't done? Tests and all these resceduled visits and fees concern me since I am still bleeding without this guy doing anything other than drugs that I can't sart for another month. He isn't my regular Dr and they said since he did the first visit a month ago, I need to see it through with him.
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Hi.  I am sorry that you are having problems.  I had an endometrial biopsy about 2 months ago due to abnormal bleeding.  I am 30 years old.  For me, the procedure hurt moderately, but I know women who experienced much more pain, and my own mom had one once and it didn't hurt her at all.  In fact, she said it was just like a pinching feeling.  I think if you had children, the procedure might hurt less because your cervix is not as tight.  During he biopsy, my doc said that most of the cramping comes from opening the cervix with the tube.  You could have missed the cathader if you were nervous and not watching the doc. He probably did everything really quickly.  When my doc did mine, I saw him place the sample in a small jar filled with a preservative liquid.  Did you notice anything like that?

Good luck.
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I would certainly hope that he did not "pretend" to do an endometrial biopsy. I have had two done. The first one hurt like heck but the 2nd one was more of a pinching. Who knows why? Hope you get your results back soon and can find out what is going on.
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