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Experiencing random symptoms, could it be nothing?

Hello. I am a 28 year old female who recently has my first child July 27, 2009. On September 7, 2009 I was put back on birth control pills and have recently started experiencing symptoms that have me worried. My husband tells me that it is probably hormonal, however, I am not convinced and would like some advice. Here is my story...

In October, I started having some mild nausea, dizziness, and developed chest discomfort as well as generalized fatigue and aches. I had a slight cough too. I went to the doctor, and he gave me a round of antibiotics. I took those for 5 days and did not feel better, so he ordered a stronger antibiotic to take for 10 days. I told him I was having some discomfort on my right side under my ribs and in my sternum and into my my upper back and left arm and still had a dry cough. He ordered a chest xray and did bloodwork. Thought I may have viral bronchitis and told me that the cough could last up to a month or better. In the meantime everything came back okay with the tests... I then started my period a week early. It ended, I started a new pack of pills and during the second week started bleeding again. It lasted 5 days. I have also had a few bouts of diarrhea, indigestion, heartburn, pain in my right leg specifically, and shortness of breath (I weigh 124 lbs.). I orginially declared that the diarrhea was from the antibiotics because it stated that the side effects could be nausea, diarrhea, gas, etc. but I have been off of them for over a week and a half now and still get it from time to time. I do not have urination frequency unless a drink alot of fluids, which I have always had. I do not feel bloated, have pain in the pelvic region or abdomen except in my chest and under my ribcage. Also I do not feel full quickly but recently I have not had an appetite anyway.

I read a story about a lady who went to the doctor for a cough has antibiotics and a chest xray that came back normal. She then went to her gyno and had a full body CT done, which revealed a tumor on her lung and ovarian cancer. It has me scared to death because it's similar to how my situation started. I called my gyno, and he said that if the bleeding didn't stop within a week to come in and that I was due for my pap smear anyway and at that time he would look at my ovaries. I am out of town for the next three weeks so basically it is a waiting game. With a new baby the last thing that I want is to be sick or die on top of it. PLEASE HELP!!! It seems to be consuming my life.    
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Hi, I'm sorry about how you feel and the terrible stress the worry brings.  You need to get this problem solved so you can start enjoying your life with your new baby and husband.  Talk to your gynecologist about these symptoms, not your family doctor.   Don't take stress as the answer to these symptoms or yet another round of antibiotics because they are not solving the problem.  It is good that you remember important dates (as well as all symptoms), such as when you started your birth control, because that could be the cause too.  Also, I have met a lot of women with gallbladder issues during and after pregnancy.  So it doesn't necessarily have to be cancer.  When I get stressed out with medical problems, I write down what is bothering me: symptoms, then I do what I can to solve it: such as calling the doctor. Then you have to say to yourself "I've done what I can for now, I can't enjoy my life worrying anymore today."  You seem to be on the right track with reporting your symptoms and following up with your doctor and get more tests, continue your persistence.  You will get to the bottom of this, hang in there, and post again if you need help, take care, Angie
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Thank you for your wonderful word of encouragement. I really appreciate it. I guess the waiting is the hardest part. I am visitng my in-laws in Seattle so unless I bled for more than a week, my gynecologist said I could wait to be seen when I got back home to Omaha. He is wonderful and did not seem to be overly concerned which reassures me to some degree... Also, my family doctor did bloodwork to check my gallbladder as well as a chest xray and stated everything came back okay. Could I still have gallbladder issues and have normal bloodwork? Just curious. The pain in my leg has me frightened as well... I have prayed for God to give me the strength to let the worry go until I have an answer. I am just not sure how to do it. Maybe keeping busy will help... Thanks again. You take care too, Andrea
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