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Good News to Celebrate

As many of you know I was diagnosed in early 2007 with Stage 3B/C standard OVCA. I had successful surgery and then 6 rounds of carbotaxol and celebrated my 2 year remission in October this year.
Due to my age (31 at the time) and since we hadn't managed to start a family yet, the gyn onc managed to preserve my uterus which was strangely not touched by he cancer (despite having tumours everywhere else down there) and this year we made the decision to trust in our future and attempt a family through IVF with egg donor (both ovaries gone).
I know pregnancy is a sensitive topic for many diagnosed young but I hope that this post also shows what can be possible.
Yesterday I became the proud mum of my first child, a baby girl called Emily Rose. She is just beautiful. I managed to have a vaginal birth which they thought was unlikely due to scarring with the previous surgeries. My/gyn onc was on standby to do a looksee if I had the c-section but we managed to avoid the extra stress and complication of surgury. I didn't feel the contractions 'normally' due to all the nerve damage done with the scraping away of tumours etc which some would say was a blessing and it was a fast labour and delivery with contractions starting at 8:30 in the morning and having my baby in my arms by 2pm. All the staff were fantastic and got emotional too, knowing what this meant to us and seeing it for the miracle it was. The delivering nurse wore a ovarian cancer awareness necklace throughout the day which just gave me focus and willpower and really touched me.

I plan to be one of the long term survivors and watch my daughter grow up. We can never know our future - we just have to work towards it with positivity and hope.
I was thinking of all my friends that are stuggling on here and going through tough times and wanted to share my news to show that we can beat cancer and go on with the lives we planned.
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What wonderful news and a great way to start a Friday!  Congratulations to you and your family.
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I have tears of joy this morning at this news.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  Congratulations to you and your husband and your new miracle.  
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I am so happy for you and your family.....How wonderful and I just have goose bumps....I am glad you shared your miracle with us.

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This is awesome - all the best to you and your growing family!
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This is fabulous news!  Life takes us on ups and downs, but this is definitely one of the highest points you can be at!!  Congratulations!
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What fantastic news !!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us !! Congratulations to you and your family
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Talk about miracles! That's wonderful that things went so well for you and you have a little girl to hold in your arms. Technology can be amazing at times. Congratulations.

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What a miracle and a blessing. Conrats to you and your family. God is great!!
Hugs and Prayers, Terry
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Luv hearing these kind of announcements.
Thaks for the great news,
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Welcome to the world Emily Rose~ and congrats to mom and dad. I wish you all a lifetime of joy and happiness.
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Oh, this is the best news!! Jerry & I were talking about you yesterday when we were driving. I said "she must be having the baby soon" and low and behold, you were!! I love the name and I am so very, very happy for you and your husband.  I hope you will post pictures on here soon. We DO want to see them. Take care of yourself and your little one and give us an update (with pictures) soon!!!

Love you!
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Congratulations!  This is fabulous news!  So glad you and Miss Emily Rose are doing well!  Thank you for sharing a little piece of your joy with us.  I can't imagine a more precious blessing!!

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CONGRATULATIONS BRON!  This is very happy news!  Welcome baby Emily Rose.  All the best to you and your new little family.

Love, Lori
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Congratulations on your precious gift sent from above!!!! I wish you the best.
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I was literally just thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing - and here is the wonderful news!! I couldn't be more happy for you on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl...she is a miracle.
Trust me...if you thought your will to fight was strong before, your a Momma now - it just got a hundred times stronger!
Congrats again,
Becky xx
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Congrats!!!!!!  Good for you ....I wish you and your entire family a life time of health and happiness.

Thanks for the good news.

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Congratulations!  This is truly a miracle story.
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Congratulations.  What a blessing and positive story:-)  May Emily Rose fill your lives with love and joy.

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We need this uplifting news.  Congratulations to you and welcome to Emily Rose.  
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Congratulations and best wishes to you and the new little one.

I wish you both a long, healthy and happy life!

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That is wonderful - congratulations on your little girl
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Such beautiful news, miracles really do happen. Congratulations, gotta love these happy endings. Makes me smile just reading this, awesome effort.
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I am so happy I checked in tonight... I have been away from the forum for too long. What fabulous news! This is so awesome and I am so happy for you!

What a joyous time this is for so many reasons!

Our only child is now 24 but the day she was born seems like yesterday in many ways!
I am so very happy for you and your family.

Eager to see pictures, too.

Love, Mary
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