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Got an ultrasound, what does this mean?

My husband had to rush me to the ER the other day because I was in so much pain I could barely breath.  They did a ct just to rule out an  appendicitis. The results came back that they noticed a mass that looked to be  on my ovaries on the right side, on a side note they also  inadvertently  Discovered a small mass on my upper  thigh also.   They seemed more focused on my abdomen because of the pain I was in. They did an ultrasound and this is the results :

In the right pelvis there is a complex mass measuring approximately 6.4x6.0x5.8cm the majority of the mass is homogeneous with hypoechoic echoes throughout.  There appears to be a meniscus suggesting a fluid debris level.  There is very little through-transmission.  Torsion is not definitely confirmed. The mass is likely ovarian in origin.  Impression:  complex right ad exam mass

They gave me pain meds & said that i need to call my Dr as soon as I could & to not delay.  Needless to say I have an amazing dr & she actually woke me up the next morning by calling me to tell me she saw that I was in the ER & she would be able to squeeze me in tomorrow. I guess other than wanting to know what the heck all that  medical jargon meant  I also kind of want to know what I should expect tomorrow at my appointment. By the way I am 37 years old.  Thank you!
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I really do not like auto correct sometimes.  The Impression was complex right adnexal mass
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It is good you are seeing the doctor so quickly. I am thinking benign but I am not a doctor. They will probably not be able to tell without surgery just what kind of cyst it is. Most ovarian masses (cysts), over 98% , are benign. You have age on your side. They seem to think it is a fluid filled. They might be acting quickly because it has a twist, or torsion,  and they do not want it to tear. That would explain the pain. A benign cyst can still be very painful.

The doctor might send you to a GYN/oncologist. This does not mean cancer it means a more complex case. Unless you have the BRCA gene you only have a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in your life time. It usually is in women over 60. Not sure if this helps.Try not to do anything strenuous if there may be a twist.

No matter how it turns out you are not alone. If you can have someone go with you that would be great. May be to take notes. When you are kinda freaked out it is good to have another set of ears. Also to ask questions you may not think of.


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Thank you so much, yes thankfully my sister did not give me a choice in the matter, she told me she was coming, there was no asking :) thank you so much it made me feel a little better, I have been trying to stay as positive about this as possible.  I believe it probably is benign...between age, I've had 3 children & breastfed each one...statistically I should be good right ;) lol thank you again so much
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Well just got done & they are going to  surgically remove it & get  A biopsy.  My dr showed the GYN the ultra sound & talked  to her yesterday so they already had a feel for what they wanted to do.  When I left they were on the phone with the hospital trying to set up a time.  The dr said she wanted it out by Thursday the latest, so happy I will be pain free in less than 2 days.  Thank you again.
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   I am so glad they are moving on it quickly. Just as long as they leave you with one ovary. Ovaries are important to a woman's over all health. Also you do not have to think about it.

Here is my trick for dealing with surgery. Gather up pictures of things that make you happy. Whenever you get tense bring them out and look at them. Then think of a really happy memory. With me it is riding a horse name Clara. I go through every aspect of riding her. I go out is the muddy paddock to catch her with a peppermint candy. I lead her in. I think of how she smells. I think of how soft her hair is as I brush her. I saddle her and ride her and unsaddle her and take her back.

The point is to distract you. You do this as you wait for surgery. The more detail the better. I also pet my cat Moon Pie for shorter imagery. This will relax you. Even having an IV put in goes better if you relax. Concentrate on breathing at the same time. My husband imagined being in a bike race. He came out of surgery happy winning the race.

Also if you can get a cheap walker at the thrift store to get in and out of bed and off the couch. Something sturdy to lean on. We have used it for gall bladder, cancer, and hernia surgery.

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