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Having hysterectomy - should I get genetic testing for ovarian cancer risk?

I'm 38 and in a few months, I am scheduled to get a hysterectomy due to uterine prolapse.  I'll also have my cervix removed due to history of polyps (benign).  The intention would be to leave my ovaries.  

My mother had a hysterectomy at 50 due to heavy bleeding issues, but I recently found out that she had precancerous cells in her ovaries - haven't had this discussion with my doctor yet since it's new news.  Now it's got me to wondering if I should pursue testing to determine if I had an elevated risk for ovarian cancer?  I'm somewhat aware that there is a BRCA genetic test available - any advice as to if this would be wise to pursue?
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Your welcome and Im very glad I mentioned it, rather suprised they did not order it before, but thats ok, it is a good test and will put your mind at ease. do keep me posted, pm me anytime .
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Hi Cherie - just wanted to say thanks.  I have not had the CA125 done but am pursuing -the surgeon wants me to work with my gyn to get it ordered.  Thanks again and will keep you posted.
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Im going to answer this and then I am going to send your post to the ovarian cancer forum.

There is a blood test called CA125 that can  detect ovarian cancer, I am sure you probably have had that done.

If I was you to be 100% honest I would just have them take my ovaries, this is my opinion only. I did infact have to make such a choice. When I had my hysterectomy, I had one "good"ovary, the other had large cyst and was engulfed in endometrial tissue. I had to decide to keep or remove the good ovary, I had the surgeon remove it.

My reason was I figured I would never have to worry of ovarian cancer.

I would for sure have any testing available done to check for genetic markers , if retaining ovaries for hormones is your reason. You are still young and menopause is a good 20 years away. If ovaries are removed you will be thrown into a surgical induced menopause. and you will need to look into bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

I do not know the percent, but I know that because your mother had cancerous cells that it would put you into a higher risk catagory.

I will send you a pm with some advice about hysterectomy pre and post op hints and help.

Cherie....now lets see what the ladies on the ovarian cancer forum have to say, this post is actually fit for both forums and I wish to get you the best advice,
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