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Hello friends

My dear friends, I have been absent from the forum for quite a while, have had some health problems to work on,   beginning to get them sorted out now and taken care of.    I have missed all of you and it will take some time to read back  through and catch up on things. Had all my teeth pulled and it will be several months before I get my new choppers, my choice, then it will be on to Phoenix  and Mayo for some heart surgery, have to regain some weight first, I didin't want any of you "old timers"  to think I had gone to the "happy hunting grounds' just yet, I am still kicking ,  one of Leslee's daughters had a daughter and named her  Leslee Ann, How proud Les would be.    I will be taking a balloon and some artificial roses out to Les on Valentines Day. and if the weather is decent March 7th her garden will be dedicated that day, the new building is almost reardy to move into, planting will begin as soon as we can. Maybe some of you remember that we had a flood  that took out most of our downtown and many blocks surrounding the area, the building that Les and I worked with was destroyed, will get some pics posted as the work progresses.  Marty
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It is good to hear from you.  I hope you get to feeling better, ...You will have to keep us posted on you and your upcoming surgery.  Congratulations on great granddaughter. The garden is a wonderful idea - tribute.  I do remember something about the floods.....Keep us posted can't wait to see the pictures.  


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It's always good to hear from those who have been a part of the forum for so long.  I'm glad to see your update, although it sounds like you've had some health problems along the way.  I send you lots of good wishes for successful surgery!

I want to offer my congratulations on your new beautiful great grandaughter, as well!  What a lovely tribute to Leslee!  Yes, please do post some pics of the garden dedication if you can.  I hope the weather cooperates!

Take care, and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Good to see you back. Sorry about the teeth and the heart issue. Mayo's a good place to go as is Cleveland Clinic. There's also a wonderful place in Texas, can't think of the name of it right now. Hope the heart problem isn't too severe.

Great about naming the baby Leslee. It means a lot to a family.

Hope to hear more from you.

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How wonderful to see a post on here! I rarely get on anymore so was pleased to see this. However, I am sorry to hear about your heart and teeth problems, but glad you are going to Mayo. I hope it will be something you can get through with little if any problems.
Wonderful about naming the new baby Leslee, that must have meant alot to you and your family, how sweet.
I remember the flooding! I will be anxious to hear about you and your healing and also how the garden is coming along.
Take care of yourself,
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So glad you are back!!!  Can't wait to hear all about the opening of Leslee's garden!!!  I know how excited you were to have this tribute!!!!!  CONGRATS on baby Leslee, what a Blessing!!!

Hope your health improves, and please don't stay away so long!!!

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