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Holiday Fun!

OK ladies, let's get into the spirit of the holidays!!!  I am having a hard time getting into the spirit...maybe this will help!!??!!

Worst gift?  Best gift?  Most memorable holiday?

Worst gift for me..... I wanted a football cuz my big brother was an awesome football player and I was a "tom boy"  instead I got a trunk of baby doll clothes.  I cried as soon as I opened it.  :(

Best gift for me.... my hubby (when we were dating I was 16 and he was 21....YIKES)  hand made me a snow sled.  He found an old beat up metal frame.  He shaped it, painted it and hand cut new wood planks for it.  It was AWESOME!!!!  The funny thing is that I didn't get to use it until after we were married.  We live in Texas and snow is kinda rare.  My parents have a cabin in Colorado and we took it there and used it alot.  Sadly the sled was in their shed that burned in a bad forrest fire.  I was so sad but have lots of wonderful memories.

Most memorable.....I think it will be this Christmas.  My parents are getting older and their health is fading.  My brother lives out of state and my sister and her family live in south Texas. We will all be together and my niece just had her first baby and it will be so special.

My wish for you is that you find peace and joy in your lives and never lose HOPE!  Everything that you are fighting for extends beyond you and helps others.....there has to be a cure or atleast a better way to detect the beast! I am so thankful that you ladies helped me when I was scared and confused.  Although I will never know what you go through, I appreciate your strength and amazing spirits.  I will do my part to help you fight.....

Happy Holidays!!!
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I am glad it's just not me (not being able to get in the Christmas Spirit.  Can get there in slighest-despite having a wonderful baby grandson).  I too am so grateful that I found this site, as all of you out there are the most amazing people that I have "never" meant in my life.  I actually get more support here than I do anywhere else, and I so do appreciate it.  I hold it very near and dear to my heart.
My most memorable Christmas's were what I can remember when I was young, my father was sick for many years, and died when I was 15, but he truly loved his girls and Christmas and made the holidays so special for us.  I miss him more now, as I think if he knew what I was going thru, it would truly break his heart.
Worst gift was from my brother in law, don't even know what it was, it was literally like a glass cube with Christmas lights and a bow in it LOL
The best gifts to this day, are when I get a real hug and kiss from my children.
I hope everyone out there, if not for just one day, forgets about cancer, chemo, shots, pills, everything, and just smiles and laughs.
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Ladies.  Here's to 2011 and hoping for all the miracles we ALL so truly deserve, and remember the Angels that we lost.

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I've been trying to think through this and come up with answers. I must be in a funk since I'm having trouble even thinking about past holidays. :-p

I'd guess my best Christmas was back in '73 when we were first married. He was in college, I was working ($1.90 an hour). We had very little. Our "tree" was gold garland taped onto the wall in the shape of a tree. Our entertainment center was boards on cinder blocks. Our kitchen was no more than a hallway. LOL And yet that seemed to be the best time we ever had.

Worst Christmas was probably last year. It was the second Christmas since my Dad died. The first Christmas I was in a fog and just trying to cope with my Mom. But last year I was coming out of the fog and wanted to enjoy the holiday. A week before the big day my Mom went into a snit, wouldn't talk to us, didn't want us to come over. No reason given, she just wanted to be left alone. I was ready to torch her gifts. Plus our daughter was in the hospital on full bed rest for her pregnancy and we were hoping the baby wouldn't fall out. No fun.

Best gift:  I have no idea. I think the best gift would simply be to have joy and peace during the holidays, no drama. That would take me back to my first Christmas with my husband.
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Best present:  age almost 5 yrs old.  Baby Dear One.  Every time mom took me to Bergner's toy dept I would hold a Baby Dear One Doll and mom would say that only the really rich kids would get a doll like that to make me think I'd never have one.  She got me one and I still have it today.

Worst Christmas:  The first Christmas my mom was gone.  She always made Christmas perfect for everyone and I was unable to fill her shoes.

Dumb thing I did as a kid one Christmas.  Mom took me to Bergener's toy dept. and told me she was shopping for my cousin Amy.  She told me to pick out what I want because Amy would like the same stuff.  For some reason I got mad and jealous of her and picked out ugly boring dolls and other crappy toys.  Guess what?  Mom was really shopping for me!!!  I got these ugly fake Barbie dolls called Salt and Pepper.  Everything I picked for her I got.  Lesson learned and years later I told mom what I did.

Another bad thing I did:  I snooped and found all my gifts when I was 8.  I found a set of children's encyclopedias.  I kept saying afterwards to mom that I didn't care what I got as long as I didn't get any encyclopedia/dictionary type books.  I still got em.

My dad started buying me a nice piece of jewlery every Chritsmas starting age 10.  Still love every one he got me.
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Best gift - age 5 got a dog that was battery powered with a cord.  Loved that dog, used it to do the tricks (beg, walk, rollover, etc..) and actually wore the padding and fur off of the bottom of it's little paws.  My mom laughed and laughed about that remembering how I cherished that gift.  Always brings a smile to my face.

Worst gift - a bunch of oranges in the stocking when I thought they were other stuff.  

Peace and Holiday Cheer to all!

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Worst gift:  Great Grandma I had never met sent me some underpants.  I was 7 yrs old and wore size 6 in little girl sizes.  She sent me briefs in size 7 womens.  They looked like they'd fit Mrs. Santa Claus. Mom couldn't even wear them. Too big for her.
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HA!!  Maybe they were Mrs. Claus' panties.....lol!!

Happy Holidays!!!
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I think they Ight have been hers.  Or maybe the Abominable Snowman's.......
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How funny! But ya know, after as many surgeries as we've all had, if you still had them, maybe you could pass them around as the "official" post-op panties!

The worst gift was also one of the best thinking back on it now, because its really kind of funny. The first year I was married, my husband had no clue what to get me. I told him just to think about things I like (maybe a nice bottle of perfume) or things I needed (a new coat). He waited until the absolute last minute, went to Walmart, and got things they had out in the middle aisle displays. I got a car vacuum you plug into the lighter (that didn't have enough power to pick up a grain of sand) and a travel umbrella. I tried so hard to be appreciative, but its a little tough to be excited over an umbrella!

My best gift as a kid was the year I got both a Light Brite and a Spirograph. I don't think I left my bedroom the rest of Christmas vacation! In recent years, I have to say the best gift was getting the news I was in remission after my first round of chemo in 2005. Things have changed since then, but it had been such a hard year with the official dx, so when I got that news the day before Christmas, it made for a happy holiday.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas. I know you've been good, so here's to hoping Santa remembers!

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Being here for another Christmas is huge for me.  I never thought I'd see Christmas '07 and now here I am to enjoy '10.  Working like heck to try for '11.
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I lost my mom a few weeks ago to Lung Cancer so this Christmas will be a hard one for me.  But the best Christmas I remember is the Christmas I guessed all my gifts right!   I was about 8 or 9 and we didn't get as many gifts as kids do today or at least I never did...lol.  But I guessed that a box from my auntie was the Giraffee perfume from Avon, I also guessed what my parents gave me (can't remember what it was though) and that Santa would get me the game Rebound.  I was right on all three.  That was my most memorable.  The best gift was when my older brother gave me a Sony Walkman and he even bought me my first tape - MJ's Thriller!  Now, it's probably a collector's item!  
Another memory from Christmas is one from 2001, I was at my brother's for Christmas and out of the blue, I doubled over with a sharp pain in my lower side.  My sister in law noticed but I told her I was alright as it only lasted a few seconds.  It had happened before but I ignored it.  She even told me I should see my gyno about it.  Then, a few months later I was diagnosed with my cystic mass and several months later borderline ovca.  I didn't even put two and two together until after my diagnosis.  Now, although I try not to be a hypochrondiac I do mention symptoms any symptoms to my doctor and preach the same to family and friends.  

Here's wishing we all have a joyful time with family and friends over the Holiday season!
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My worst Christmas was when I was about 4 or 5.  I HATED barbies and all of my family knew it.  We were having our gift exchange at my grandmas house and my aunt and uncle gave me a ton of barbie furniture.  I cried because i just wanted a baby doll.  LOL  Everyone still talks about that.  LOL

This Christmas is going to be really tough on my family.  We always got together (aunts, uncles, cousins, all of my family on my mom's side) at my grandma's house.  My grandpa died 3 years ago and my grandma went down hill pretty fast.  She was not able to live on her own, so she moved in with my mom and dad in Illinois for winter and with my aunt in Missouri for the summer.  It really meant a lot to us that grandma was close by.  Well, we lost grandma in July.  Thanksgiving was hard for all of us, but really hard on my mom.  Her and my aunts went through my granny's stuff.  This will be our first Christmas without her.  My grandma was such a strong role model to all of us.  She is going to be missed greatly.

On of my best Christmas was in 1997.  My son and step son were 3 and my daughter was 1 month old.  My sister got married the day after Christmas, and I loved showing my baby off to everyone.  I am very close with my family, so it was special to share such an important day with my family.  

I pray that all of you have a safe and wonderful Christmas with your families.  May God bless you with happiness and love.  
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that was lovely ,i also lost my nanny nellie last christmas and it took her a month to die because she loved her family so much i could tell her anything and she would say ur right girl even when i was wrong my nanny nellie buried 2 sons and a son in law in eight months and she just gave up i wouldent blame her at 84yrs it was crual to hear a mother call out for her son at that age would break your heart ,i was always afraid of death even as a child but now i never fear it as i know she will be waiting for me ,sometimes death can bring a family closer it did for me we meet up this christmas eve and have brandy for nanny nellie as that was her drink ,god bless you and ur family this christmas x
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Hearing all the above voices filled my heart with laughter and tears....I will come back later to wish all a Wonderful Holiday Season and a very Healthy New Year!!!
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