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Hypercalcemic Small Cell Ovarian Cancer


I'm Katie, a 19 year old girl, previous studying as a pre med student at Johns Hopkins University (though I had to take the year  off). On Aug. 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer (at the time misdiagnosed) but after sending the pathology to Sloan Kettering, the armed forces pathology, and MGH as well, the diagnosis was confirmed as Hypercalcemic Small Cell ovarian carcinoma, stage 4.

I had a surgery at the end of August to remove the "grapefruit sized tumor" on my right ovary (they always seem to compare tumors to fruits huh?) as well as my right ovary. THey could not remove all of the cancer so chemotherapy was necessary.

I have unsuccessfully been treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering since Sept 2010

If there is any information anyone could give me, or people to put me in contact with who would be willing to speak with me I would be extremely grateful!!!

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Hi Katie,  i know you posted to get help and advaise about your form of ovarian cancer and treatments. but i was  hoping you might could help me by telling me about your symptoms from the beginning. I do not have ovarian cancer that I  know of but I have a lot of issues with cysts and my ovaries and abnormal paps. I was just wondering if  you didnt mind sharing with me, about how it all started for you and tests run and treatments.
Thank you for your help!
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Welcome Katie.  Were you able to post on the "Expert Forum"? If not here is the link

There is a wide diversity of ladies here, we all range with different types of ovarian cancers, ages, experiences.  I personally don't have any experience with your type of cancer.  I do have ovarian cancer, am 44 now.  I am just sorry that you  have to face this beast as such a young age.  Be strong and don't ever give up hope.   I am sure being a medical student you have researched alot and have scared yourself today, but also as you well know, everyone is different. There are ladies here who are Stage 4, who have been here for decades.
God Bless and please keep us updated.

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Also, this was originally intended to the Medical Forum with the doctors but I really don't know how to use this site yet, sorry! I'd still like anyone;s input though. THanks
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