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I'm leaving on a Jet plane!!!!!!

The time has come for me to take that Jet to AZ, Chris and I will be leaving tomorrow till Jan 5th. We have been fighting the flu and a bad accompaning cold for over a week now, didn't want to take it with me.  I am hoping that this trip will help me get over some of the grief I still feel for Leslee.  I am looking forward to seeing those 5 grand daughters and my son and his wife. It is hard to tear myself away from home right now, but Christmas is always a happy time with them.  Never in my life have I ever felt such lingering pain as this and I don't know how to get past it.  When we return I will probably go to conselling  as this is affecting  my entire way of living now.  I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I do hope that the new year will bring health back to you all.

Love Marty and Chris

PS  will try and get some new photos to put up.
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Hey Marty...
I hope you have a fantastic trip and just smother those grandkids of your's with lot's of love, hugs and kisses.
Take care...Merry Christmas to you too...
love Becky
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Hi Marty, Have a very safe trip to AZ.  I know it'll be a rough time for you.  Love on your kids and grandkids, remember fond memories of Les and celebrate Jesus' birthday.  At least you'll be warmer.  = )  

Hugs and Love
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Have a fantastic trip and a very Merry Christmas with your family.
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This will be a difficult holiday for you.  Be thankful for those wonderful grandkids, they will help ease the pain of your loss.  Enjoy the sunshine and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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I hope you have a fantastic time visitng your son and grand daughters..you really need a break.  Sending ((((HUGZ))~~~Joanne
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Marty, you always enjoy going to your sons house and I think it will do you and Chris a world of good.
I also think you are expecting to much of yourself.  When did we decide that griefing was supposed to be done and over with in a couple of months.  We, as a society, used to think that grieving for anything less than a year was unseemly, and now we think it unseemly if we don't "get over" "it" in months.  If it is really interfering in your ability to get through a normal day than by all means, go talk to somebody, but if you are still just very sad that you lost your baby girl, well than, you should just let yourself be sad.
I am sure you will have a wonderful time remembering past Christmases and making new memories too.  Stay well.
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  I know this will be a difficult Christmas for you, but there is no better place to be than among family. You and Chris will have a wonderful time. And just think of all that time away from this cold weather!
  Enjoy those grandkids and have a Merry Christmas.
   Love Chris
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