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Is a complex cyst and thick enlarged uterus endometriosis

Hi. I was receny told i have a complex ovarian cyst and a slightly large uterus with a thick lining by way of a trans vaginal ultrasound. My doctor wants to do auterine biopsy and check for tumor markers. He seems to be more concerned that it may be ovarian cancer rather than uterine cancer. Has a home else had these symptoms and it turned out to be a non cancerous co dition?
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If he is doing a uterine biopsy it will show him nothing about ovarian cancer. You have to do a biopsy of the ovary which is not easy. The ultrasound usually shows ovarian cancer.  He is checking on the uterus. They do the transvaginal ultrasound and a  ca125 blood test for ovarian cancer. Unless you have the BRCA mutation you have a 1.4 % of ovarian cancer in a life time. 98% of all ovarian cysts are benign. Most women have several benign ovarian cysts in a life time. Uterine cancer and ovarian are not related which is weird. It is good they are checking. It may all turn out to be benign endometriosis. In the old days if you were past child bearing years they would do a hysterectomy. Now they know how important ovaries are to a woman's over all health and do not take them. Just because they test for cancer does not mean everyone has it. They just have to test.
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