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DR Goodman

Do you have more insight on the new ovarian cancer screaning test OVASURE launched by LabCorp.  I know it is a very new test but I think the oncologist community must already have some beforehand information about this test.

What I am interested in is if this test can be used to monitor when one is in remission.  Since my mother is getting treated in India the oncologists there do not have much information on this test because it was launched recently in the US.  

From what i have read this test has a high specificity (99.4%) and sensitivity (95.3%) to detect ovarian cancer at a very early stage.

Thanks Again
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Hi There,
Here is the press release on Ovasure:

OvaSure(TM), an Ovarian Cancer Screening test to assess the presence of early stage ovarian cancer in high-risk women. In a recent study of high risk and average risk subjects, this blood test, using six biomarkers and research conducted at Yale University School of Medicine, was shown to discriminate between disease-free women and ovarian cancer patients (stage I-IV) with high specificity (99.4%) and sensitivity (95.3%). Additional studies performed at Yale University School of Medicine demonstrate comparable findings.

This is a screening test for women who do not have a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. this is not a test to track women who already have a diagnosis of cancer. I have no personal experience with this test as yet.

here is the official statement on this from my scientific and medical society :

Society of Gynecologic Oncologists
Statement Regarding OvaSure™
The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO) recognizes the need for accurate early
detection biomarkers for ovarian cancer. For this reason, SGO reviewed the literature
regarding OvaSure, a serum-based diagnostic test for ovarian cancer.
After reviewing OvaSure’s materials, it is our opinion that additional research is needed
to validate the test’s effectiveness before offering it to women outside of the context of a
research study conducted with appropriate informed consent under the auspices of an
institutional review board.
SGO is committed to actively following and contributing to this vitally important
research. As physicians who care only for women with gynecologic cancers, our hope is
that these cancers can either be prevented or detected early. Because no currently
available test has been shown to reliably detect ovarian cancer in its earliest and most
curable stages, we will await the results of further clinical validation of OvaSure with
great interest.
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I asked my gyn/onc about this test yesterday and she told me it was available in Canada.  She didn't comment much further than that.
Don't know if that's the case out East or not but here in the West it seems to be, at least for now.
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I'm in Los Angeles & I had it done yesterday. I was told the results would take 4-5 working days.

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Correction ... my fingers are slower than my brain and so much for editing prowness.

Ovasure testing is NOT available in Canada.  At least that's what my gyn/onc told me.
Sorry for any confusion.

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Thanks for the info
A canadian"lady"!
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I had it done today as well, the second person at the lab to have it done. So, I was a little anxious...the lab tech told me 3 to 4 days as well.

Hope yours turned out ok!

Am on pins and needles!!

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I had mine done yesterday, I too am awaiting the results, my Mom had ovarian cancer and my Dad had prostrate cancer. Which doubles my risk of getting it>hpoefully the results of this test will ease my mind.
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Could OvaSure be useful in checking for recurrence for someone showing low CA125?
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Hi There
I just checked a pubmed search on recurrent ovarian cancer and ovasure. There is nothing in the scientific literature and there is nothing in Google. Ovasure was developed as a screening test for women who do not have a previous ovarian cancer diagnosis.
please see the official comments of the society of gyn oncologists in my first comment in this thread.

With time, practice, and experience, we will have a better understanding of what this test can help us with.
take care
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