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Leslee update

We took Leslee to Hospice today, we were unable to give her the 24 hour care she needs, she is not happy about it, but we will be there for her as much as possible.   i still am hoping for that miracle, my faith is bigger than a mustard seed,  but to say that I am not completely devasted  would be a lie.  One thing I have found out  with this, is I do not see how some have the courage to remain faithful to the forum,  I do not want to be a drone to those of you  that need to keep fighting and conquor this, and yet I  will miss you all  when I have nothing further left to say.  Marty
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My prayers continue to be with you and so is my heart! I am so sorry you have to endure this...You and Leslee are in my thoughts as always along with the rest of your family...I really wish there was something I could do..I hope Leslee stays comfortable. Love,  Gia
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I am so sorry for what your going through, my heart is hurting for you.  You and Leslee are in my thoughts and prayers.  
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There simply are no words that I can add. My heart goes out to you and you remain in my prayers.

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I just hope my Mother will be as strong as you are when it is time for my turn.  I will kee praying for Leslee and your whole family.

Peace and Love

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You have been a tower of strength for Leslee in this journey, I can,t Imagine how you must be feeling. Sending love and prayers to you Leslee and family .

Thinking of you

Love Angie
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love and prayers 4 U and ur family always and forever
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