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My Mother Was Diagnosed w/ a Large Ovarian Cyst

Hello there; my mother was recently diagnosed w/ a large ovarian cyst. From what she told me the doctor proclaimed that it was rather large, yet he want her to do some blood work and wait 6 weeks to perform another transvaginal ultrasound. I think this is absolutely ridiculous, but that is probably just my emotions getting in the way of rational thinking.

Needless to say, the poor woman is scared as hell and it breaks my heart to see her like this so I am trying to compile some information for her regarding ovarian cysts; the different types, medical treatments used and details regarding the different surgeries and how they may affect the rest of her life (Knowledge is comfort to those afraid of the unknown.)

I have been able to find plenty of info for all that except the last part; If there are any women out there who have had surgery for the removal of an ovarian cyst and/or removal of an ovary and/or respective fallopian tube I would like to read how it has affected your life; short-term and long-term.

I do not mean to come off as insensitive to anyone who has gone through this, but I want to comfort her by keeping her optimistic and informing her this is not the end of her world/life; there are worse things (terminal things) she could've been diagnosed with. Understandably she doesn't see it that way; she has a "growth" inside of her and it may need to be removed, possibly taking her "womanhood" with it. From this perspective I cannot provide any comfort or insight (I am a male) so if there are any women out there who have been through this please respond. She needs an experienced woman right now to let her know it will be ok and that she is not alone. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and bless your heart.
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It is tough waiting for definitive answers.
The best treatment for a large ovarian cyst is surgical removal.
Most cysts are benign.
I hope everything worked out for your mother
take care
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I had a large cyst on my ovary when I was 13 years old. It was 9cm in diameter and somehow id twisted it (while I was at school!) And ended up buckled over in pain! It took the drs over a week to figure out what was wrong so Luckily my parents booked me into a private hospital to have it surgically removed otherwise I would have been waiting weeks to have it done.

I was able to keep my ovaries altho my fallopeon (not sure how to spell it) tubes were a bit messed up and was told I may have problems conceiving children when I was older! (not exactly what u want to hear at 13 yrs old)

Im now 24 though and have luckily not had any problems since then and have been able to conceive my daughter naturally with no help needed.

I think doctors give u the worst case scenario just to prepare u for it incase that happens! It is a scary thing to go through but try not to panic as worrying doesnt help and just stresses u out more.

Just remember that the drs will do everything they can to help and if it does lead to surgery then there is that big chance that it will all go smoothly (like mine) and ur mum will have a positive outcome from it.

I hope ive helped and not scared u even more! I hope everything turns out well for ur mum too. Xx
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