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Need Help Decoding Radiology Report - Complex Adnexal / Ovarian Mass

I just received my radiology report back & it states the following:

Procedure: Multiple sagittal & transverse, transabdominal & transvaginal images were obtained.

Findings: Complex mixed cystic & solid right adnexal/ovarian mass. No free fluid identified. Entire region of right ovary very enlarged measuring 7 X 3.2 cm. left ovary measures 2 X 2.5 X 3.9 cm. abnormal thickening of endometrium measuring 15mm. Ovarian neoplastic process is not excluded given the appearance of the right ovary and adnexal region.

Uterus measures 8.8 X 5.5 X 4.5cm. Endometrial stripe measures 1.5cm.

My symptoms are bloating, irregular / prolonged menstral cycles, spotting, heavy bleeding & clotting, constipation, lower abdomenal pain (sometimes to the point it bends me over), pain during intercourse, infertility

My question is: What does all of this mean?
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Hi There
I agree with your plans. You have some sort of ovarian tumor. Most tumors of the ovary are benign at your age but some are malignant, so having a gyn oncologist perform your surgery is important.

I would suggest a CA 125 and a CT scan
Sometimes, checking a biopsy of the lining of the uterus (an endometrial biopsy) to rule out a malignant change in the lining is helpful. Sometime, I do that at the time of surgery if the ovarian tumor is benign
if the CA 125 ad CT scan show no other findings, surgery could start with a laparoscopic evaluation to see if it is a benign tumor that can  be removed with a minimally invasive approach

At 7 cm, some surgeons would go straight to a bigger incision called a laparotomy to remove the tumor.
It could be that this is all severe , benign endometriosis which ca cause cysts, pain and so on - if so and if you have completed your family, a full removal of the uterus, tubes and ovaries is curative.

if a cancer is found, the standard surgery is a full hysterectomy (REMOVAL OF UTERUS, CERVIX, TUBES, OVARIES) and staging biopsies (appendix, lymph nodes, biopsy or removal of the omentum
please let us know what happens
best wishes
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How old are you?  Have you talked to your doc about it yet or made an appt with gyn???  

Complex masses ate not the regular ol' cysts that just rupture and go away by themselves. Many times docs cannot tell what it is for sure until it is removed.
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I am 34-years-old.  I have an appointment with my gyn next week (Sept. 26th).  I think I am going to push to see a gyn oc.

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