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Need some answers and Im not getting any....

I really need some help because I just moved from Minnesota to Texas and don't have a gynocologist at this time.

I went to see my new doctor (Family Practice in Texas) after some severe pain I have been having for the last few months, especially after sex. He ordered a pelvic ultrasound. He then went out of town. I had the tests done and after another night of severe pain last week I called his office and asked for copies of the reports. My Doctor has been out of town and has not yet been able to get back to me personally. I called his office and asked for copies of the test results explaining to them if I had any more pain that severe I was going to the ER and wanted the have the results available to the ER physicians. Reluctantly they gave me copies of the ultrasound reports. This is what the reports said:

The tranabdominal ultrasound showed the right ovary is 18x27x41mm. There is a 4 to 5 cm hetrogenous echogenic mass in the right adnexa. This is immediately adjacent to the ovary and is presumably of ovarian origin.

The left ovary is 17x19x32 also with a hetrogenous echogenic mass immediately adjacent the the left ovary 5 to 7cm in size.

There is also a small fibroid in the fundic myometrium.

I then spoke with the nurse at the Drs office, and she informed me they were trying to get me a gynecological appointment but no one was taking new patients at the time and it might be 2 months! The Dr over the phone precribed a pain medicine (hydrocodone 10/325) which has helped greatly.

My health insurance is still through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. I am in the process of moving to Texas full time.

Both my mother and father died of cancer, my mother at the age of 55 from Glioblastoma Multiform, and my father, age 60, from Mesothelioma. I am 39.

My questions for you, if you are able to help, would be as follows:

Benign or malignant, these neoplasms are causing me much pain and I assume need to come out and be biopsy, what type of Doctor should I be looking for? Is it unreasonable to have these reports looked at by an oncologist?

What type of further testing should I be asking for?

Should I go back and be seen in Minnesota and how soon? I can be on the next plane out if necessary. MD Anderson Cancer Center is only 4 hours from me. Is it unreasonable to contact them and take a look at my reports?

I am recently engaged and want to have a chance at a family do I need to see a fertility specialist?

I really need some help because I just moved from Minnesota to Texas and don't have a gynocologist at this time. What should I do?

Thanks for any advise you may have!
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I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.  I'm glad you have some pain relief and I know the waiting can be so frustrating.  You should ask your doctor to run a CA-125.  If this is high it would change the situation and probably get you into a gyn quicker or to a gyn/onc.  Do realize that over 95% of all cysts are benign but it is important that this be addressed just in case and for control of your pain.  I cannot say if heading back to Minnesota is what you should do.  Doing so would definitely help you feel more in control of what is happening and help you to get some peace of mind.  Please keep us posted.
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MD Anderson has a web site and you can go there and ask questions and I believe get an appointment. Forget about the fertility things until you have this taken care of, cysts of that size will cause pain, a repeat ultra sound may give you some answers now also, did they change in appearance?  I would not wait 2 months. You have 2 good choices, MD Anderson, and Mayo in Rochester, take your records and make an appointment at one of them .  Please keep us posted , we do care about you.  Marty
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Thank-you for all the very useful information.  How long does it usually take to get an appointment and what would be considered too long to wait?
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last year I made an appt. over the internet for MD Anderson and someone from MD Anderson called me back within 24 hours. Once they speak with you they will make an appt with one of the Gyn. Oncologists. My appointment was within a week. I found the people at MD Anderson wonderful,kind and very caring. Even when my gyn. oncologist at MD Anderson went on vacation the other doctors on my team kept me informed about my test results. I would try to make an appointment with MD Anderson...because if surgery becomes an option you want an gyn. oncologist to do the surgery. keep us informed. julie
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I'd agree that if MD Anderson thinks you should be seen there it would be wise to go.  If there is ever any suspicion of cancer you need to be evaluated  and operated on by a gyn/onc. My gyn/onc saw me within two days of my calling him but I had already had surgery and been diagnosed with ovca.  He also saw my sister-in-law one day after her transvaginal ultrasound showed masses on her ovaries and he did her surgery within the week, which turned out to be benign. You only get one chance to do this right so err on the side of caution and, while we hope for the best, take care of yourself like it's not.  Please let us know how things go for you.  Best wishes, Chris P
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Thanks everyone!  Went in for my CA 125 test today and I am just waiting to hear back from a gyn/onc @ the University of Minnesota and someone from MD Anderson to set up an appointment.  Will keep you updated.  Thanks for all the unbelievable support!
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Where in Texas are you moving?  I am in Texas and have a great Gyn/Onc. that my friend and I have been to.  I also have a wonderful Gyn and am also on BCBS insurance.  
Hope you find answers soon.

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Though I am no good at the language in pathology reports, I would suggest you go ahead and contact MD Anderson and see what they have to say.
  I just saw that you contacted them, and that is good. I hope that you hear something soon.
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I would say if you are able to go back to MN and go to a gynecologist right away, then do so. You don't want to mess around with a mass in the pelvic region without knowing.

Either that or push the doctor's office to get you a gyn appointment now and that you won't wait. Tell them how important it is and that you have family history of cancer.

I definitely get into a gyn before going to an oncologist as most masses are not cancerous.

Also, fibroids are extremely common in most women over 30 - many not causing any pain ....only when they get bigger.

In addition, tell what ever doctor you see to give you a prescription for the OvaSure blood test which is a new exclusive test for ovarian cancer. The test is better than the CA-125 as it incorporates the CA-125 results along with 5 other tumor markers in the body to develop a score for ovarian cancer.

The test was developed by Yale University and is exclusively owned by Labcorp. You will need to either have your blood taken at the doctor's office and have them send to Labcorp or you will need a doctor's prescription so you can go to a Labcorp facility to have your blood drawn.

The CA-125 is not a true measure for predicting and often gives false positives -

Get to a doctor as soon as possible and don't be afraid to push them around.....who ever whines the loudest gets what they want!

Please get better soon!

Lisa Marie
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