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Ovarian cancer

I recently had my ovaries and falopian tubes removed because of a tumour.  This turned out to be cancerous but it was removed intact and CT scans showed that the cancer had not spread.  However, I have been recommended to have 6 cycles of chemotherapy for preventative reasons.  Fine.  However, I have been told that although there are no signs of the cancer I will probably have to have a hysterectomy but I cannot understand why this is necessary.  Does anyone have an answer to this.
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Hi.  Thanks for your reply.    The op was carried out by a gynacological surgeon.  The cancer was a stage 1a as it was just contained within one ovary.  It has been put at a grade 3 though because it is a 'clear cell' cancer.  Subsequent CT scans show that it hasn't spread anywhere else which is a relief.  I will be commencing chemo on 5th Aug in order to get rid of any cells that might be floating around looking for a home.  The thing I do not understand is why they want me to have a hysterectomy after the chemo if there no other signs of cancer.

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What type of doctor did your surgery?

Standard protocol is stage 1C and above they do 6 cycles of chemo.

What was your cancer staged at?

I feel that if there is a possiblity that the chemo will kill any microscopic cell in my body, I would opt for chemo.  

Ovarian cancer is known to recurr and anything you can do to prevent a recurrence is worth checking into.

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