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Ovarian cancer

My best friend has stomach problems diagnosed as IBS but now has mri showing 6 masses higher up in abdomen.  CA is 3,000.  Surgery tomorrow morning and I am worried sick.  Is there a chance this isn’t cancer ?
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I am an ovarian/uterine cancer Survivor...2 primaries at the same time, young age 39 and no family history.  Surgery & 6 rounds chemo..I chose not to do radiation. My ca125 was low.  On April 5th it will be 18 years since my diagnosis.  I used natural and western medicine. Fast forward to 2023 and cancer is exploding.  It IS the new jabs which ARE lowerimg your own immune system.  I have read & researched that tetanus shots have hcg2 in them which shuts down a woman's reproductive system.  Golly gee..if only I knew then what I know now.  Ladies go to the nih.gov site &  search ivermectin & cancer..then ivermectin & ovarian cancer.  Shocked me.  I wish I knew...also look up fenbendazole and the Joe Tippen's protocol.  I know I will not hesitate to do either or both of these if cancer returns. The current jabz are speeding up and causing illness.  Ie; miscarriages, bleeding after menopause, 18 mo old girls bleeding, cancer, heart attacks, blood clots.  As I said...if only I knew then what I know now.   If someone is purposely harming us...we need to fight back amd stop them.  Silence will get you killed. Godspeed Ladies, my heart is with you.
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So, how are you treating your cancer this time around? I'm sorry to read it has returned.
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Hello and welcome to the forum . We're sorry no one answered your question.  There are indeed other things that elevate a CA 125 test. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/17830-ca-125-blood-test . This link, if you copy and paste, has some other things that can affect the test. A CA 125 of 3000 is quite high. https://www.emedicinehealth.com/why_is_my_doctor_testing_my_blood_for_ca_125/article_em.htm And the masses are concerning. Can you provide any update?
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