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Ovarian cyst symptoms

About 8 months ago I experienced moderate weight gain. I had significant bloating of the stomach and had trouble wearing pants. I would have a dull ache on some occasions. Sometimes the pain felt like it spread downwards and to my back. It was like a cramp feeling. I felt very full and was always thirsty. I urinated a lot due to drinking so much water. The pains were never sharp. I looked so bloated even though my diet was regular and did not consist of too much dairy or salt. My periods were also very irregular.

I went to my primary who thought it was appendicitis on examination even though I mentioned a history of ovarian cysts in my mother, and my aunt died of cancer. The doctor sent me to the emergency room. I underwent a CT scan (which was "normal") and an ultrasound. (I never got the reports.) The ultrasound tech said that it was difficult to "see anything." She said that there was so much contrast from the CT that she could not see my ovaries. They ruled out an appendicitis but didn't even consider that I might be dealing with ovarian cysts. They ignored my family history due to my age (29.) They sent me home.

Since then I still have abdominal bloating and fullness. The pains come and go. I still have frequent thirst and urination. My periods are very short and do not come around the same time. I am very light for 1-2 days versus what used to be extremely heavy for 5-7 days.

I felt like this might be gastro-related because I do have what feels like excessive gas at times. Yet my family history makes me feel like this is ovarian related. I need to seek another primary care physician for a 2nd opinion, but they all seem to think that I am simply too young (now 30) and dismiss the idea since they cannot see a cyst. Could it be that the cyst is shrinking by the time I get an appointment? The pains have not been that bad since the time I went to the emergency room. They are present at random days and times not related to my cycle.

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Hi There,
It sounds like you have had a careful evaluation. If you have persistent discomfort, it may be worthwhile to consider a laparoscopy. However with your normal scans, it is less likely to be an ovarian problem and more likely to be irritable bowel.

With your family history, you should ask your doctor about a referral to a genetic counselor. The question is- are you at high risk for ovarian cancer. Should you undergo genetic testing? Should you consider the prophylactic removal of your ovaries and fallopian tubes if you are high risk?

best wishes
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Hi Dr. Goodman,

Thank you for your advice. I will consider those options if my discomfort still persists.

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I to have had the same symptoms as you exactly. I know my body and I know something is wrong. I have had an ultrasound and they then done an internal scan, I have an Overian Cyst which is 3cm and they told me I need to have another scan in 6 weeks as the Cyst has Septate. It could be Cancerous but I need to have a blood test. The Gyni said she has seen Cysts like this before and they have been Normal although when asked she said she would not rule out Cancerous Cyst.
Please do not leave it ask for the blood test and get an internal scan done.
All the best
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