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Overian ultrasound results

Ladies, I had an ultrasound yesterday and these are my results - what am I looking at when the dr gets back to me? I’m trying not to overthink so all help us appreciated!

Right Ovary
Rt ovary:            Normal
Rt ovary morphology:     premenopausal follicular
Rt ovary D1       28 mm
Rt ovary D2       16 mm
Rt ovary D3       23 mm
Rt ovary Vol       5.4 cm3
Rt ovarian cyst(s):          Cysts identified
Rt ovarian cyst D1          17 mm
Rt ovarian cyst D2          14 mm
Rt ovarian cyst D3          15 mm
Rt ovarian cyst mean      15.3 mm
Rt ovarian cyst vol          1.869 cm3
Rt ovarian cyst findings: Complex cyst

Right Adnexal Mass

Left Ovary
Lt ovary:             Abnormal
Lt ovary D1        90 mm
Lt ovary D2        32 mm
Lt ovary D3        60 mm
Lt ovary Vol       90.3 cm3
Lt ovarian cyst(s):           Cysts identified
Lt ovarian cyst D1           42 mm
Lt ovarian cyst D2           36 mm
Lt ovarian cyst D3           39 mm
Lt ovarian cyst mean      39.0 mm
Lt ovarian cyst vol           30.876 cm3
Lt ovarian cyst findings:  Complex, cystic with internal echoes and irregular wall nodule(s)
Lt ovarian cyst D1           49 mm
Lt ovarian cyst D2           40 mm
Lt ovarian cyst D3           47 mm
Lt ovarian cyst mean      45.3 mm
Lt ovarian cyst vol           48.234 cm3
Lt ovarian cyst findings:  Hyperechoic, solid with subtle, posterior shadowing present
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Most ovarian cysts, including complex ones, are benign and resolve within a few months / cycles. If a cyst truly appears suspicious, then you would want to consult a gynecologic oncologist..
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I have an appointment with the gyno on the 7th. They have moved up all my appointments and I just did my ca-125 lab today.
Just be aware that the ca-125 test is not accurate for diagnosing ovarian cancer. Benign conditions, including benign cysts can cause an elevated result. Although there can be false negatives too. My friend and I had the same type of benign complex ovarian cyst. My ca-125 was in range (less than 35) while hers was over 1000.

Let me know how your appointment goes. Be sure to do some research and make a list of questions for your doctor.  
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