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Please help me with advice. The details above (question details)

Hello. My name is Alexandra. I am seeking advice and opinions based on personal experiences or from knowledgeable persons. My sister (she is 49) has a 9cm metastatic malignant ovarian tumor consequent off  her gastric cancer. She had her stomach removed in MDAnderson a year ago (2108) and this March the doctors found that her stomach cancer had spread into her ovary and some cells in her abdomial linings. She just finished her chemo cycles and the results where not good. The ovarian tumor size grew from 2cm to 9cm. Now she is in a complex situation. She has to make a decision. The problem is that the doctors have opposed opinions. The surgeon says it’s better to do chemo before surgery to reduce size and risk of propagation. On the other hand the oncologist recomends first surgery and then chemo. Could anyone give me advice on the different aspects, risks and  benefits to consider before making a decision. Is there a high risk that cancer cells can spread to other parts due to the size of the ovary mass???  Please help!!!! Thanks
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First let me say I am so very sorry, truly, to hear about your sister. This sounds like she has had quite the struggle and it has to be hard on her.  And you. And her whole family.  My heart goes out to you all.  So, one thing to clarify.  Is this ovarian cancer or gastric cancer that has spread? Meaning the tumor in her ovaries is the same kind of tumor that was involved in her gastric cancer and not the type typically found in ovarian cancer?  Does that make sense?   Regardless, it sounds like her cancer is aggressive.  It's unfortunate that the doctors are not agreeing or conferring and giving mixed messages putting you in a position of feeling like you have to choose yourself.  At this time, professional guidance for the best outcome is in order!  

My mother in law had chemo first because they felt it wouldn't be easy to get all of her tumors (ovarian cancer is a seeding cancer).  But know another who had surgery first and then chemo.  Would a Gyn/Onc be able to give her a second opinion?
Dear Specialmom; thanks for your replay. It has been a struggle for all the family. We are very close together and this has been very hard on us. Particularly, to try everything and see no reward. My sister is very willing to move forward. She has a the spirit of a fighter. Very brave. And we are a family of faith. Thanks to that we move on.
Her cancer is gastric cancer. It has spread to one ovary abs to the abdomen lining. She has been given rounds of Chemotherapy but it was not has aggressive as expected to reduce the cancer cells.
Now the step to take depends on her decision making. The doctors in the MDAnderson have split opinions. They have been very professional. So it’s very difficult to take a say.
We are afraid that is other chemo treatment won’t work either and because it’s side effects it is crucial to wait 3 months to have surgery because blood thinning. Then, if she decides to remove it first the surgen and the obstetrician says that there is a higher risk of the cancer spreading.
I hope that your mother in law is doing better. My best wishes go her and the entire family. It is never easy to see the people we love struggle with such an an aggressive health issue.
Thanks for your replay.
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Hi Alexandra. I am so sorry your sister is going through this! She is lucky to have you advocating for her!

I wish I had some words of wisdom but I don't. I would only suggest doing a bit of research and then seeking out a third and possibly fourth opinion if you are still undecided.

I wholeheartedly wish the best for her!
Hello. Thanks for your wishes!! We already started chemo. This based on more professional opinions. Our hope is that this time the treatment has the desired effect. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Best regards
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Hi there.  Was thinking about you and your sister.  I am wondering if there is any update.  hugs
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