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Prempro and Ovarian Cancer?

I am 52 years old and have been on BHRT for the past year. Three days ago I went to a new doctor to get the hormones adjusted and she said she does not prescribe bioidenticals and gave me a prescription for Prempro. I do not want to take this and I told her so. She said she does not believe bioidenticals are any safer than Prempro and if I needed to have an adjustment in my Rx due to break through symptoms of hot flashes and severe brain fog along with zero energy then I needed to try something different than what I had been doing. I decided to give the Prempro a try against my better judgment to see if it helped me feel better because I was feeling pretty desperate! I took my 2nd dose today and I still hate it down to my very soul. I am not certain that I want to continue with this course of treatment. My question is, how dangerous is prempro when I have a family history of ovarian cancer? My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her mid 60's and had surgery along with chemo and radiation - she is now cancer free. Should this be a major concern for me if I continue to take the Prempro? Also, are ovarian cysts related to ovarian cancer? I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts while in my 20’s which went away on their own with no treatment.
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Most Ovarian cysts are benign. Many go away on there own. I am not familiar with Prempro. If you are worried you can go with out. I have bad symptoms but because I have ovarian I have to live with them. You do get used to them over time. Great for your mother.

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Thanks for your answer Alex. I am sorry to hear you have OC. I can't imagine how you must feel and to have bad menopause symptoms on top of that must be debilitating. I know that I can barely function with my symptoms. I suffered through 4 years of horrible menopause symptoms because I was scared of the side effects until I finally broke down and got on bioidenticals. My new doctor prescribed Prempro which is the synthetic version which can cause breast cancer, heart disease and a whole lot of other ugly things. I was hoping the doctor would adjust my bioidentical dosage, but instead wanted to switch me to synthetics. I am worried about OC with my family history. My Mom went through that ordeal and was very sick, but pulled through it. I pray that you and your family will do the same. It must be hard for them to know that you are sick. Thanks again for your reply. :)
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OC is not so bad. I am the happiest I have ever been. Being on chemo takes some getting used to but I have been on it three years.Compared to chemo the menopause symptoms no longer bother me.

May be you can find a doctor who will prescribe the medication you want if you know the risks.

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