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Proud grandaugther

Hello I am Kaylee,crecco or (Chris's) grandaughter and I would like to thank you all for supporting and being there for my grandma.I know that u are very close friends and i hope that you will become closer as time goes by.I am very thankful that I have my grandmother here with me today and hopfully for a good amount of years forward.I am not only thinking of her but of all of you who are fighting this also.

                              With lots of love,Kaylee
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How sweet you are....Your grandma is a wonderful, kind, and generous women, she has shown so many of us love and guidance and it sounds like you are falling in her footsteps.  I am so happy you are here on the forum with us.  Love, Dawnlyn
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So nice to "meet" you.  You are a very lucky young lady!

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Thank you all vey much for leaving me all of those
wonderful notes.My eyes lit up when I saw my first
one and I was so excited.You all are very important
to me and I wish I could meet you but for now I can just
wright to you.

                     Thank you all
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How sweet to see this post Kaylee. What a special granddaughter you are to come on here and post such nice comments. I see who you take after. I love your grandmother even though we have never met in person, she is a warm, loving, caring, funny woman and she talks about you alot. Are you the one she was doing cartwheels with, lol? Thanks for posting, very sweet of you.  Hugs, Colleen
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Take it from another gramma that knows how dear our grandchildren are to us, you are that precious link to all that was and all that will be for your gramma,  She is my friend and those few words say it all,  altho we have never met in  person, I know I could sit right down and chat with your gramma,  the ladies on this forum are like a room full of daughters, mothers, grammas  and just women, they care  what happens to each other.  I send you a big hug just because I know how dear you are to my friend .   Marty
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Your grandma is such a strong and wonderful person.  I am sure you are alot like her.  Your post made my day.  To me there is nothing better than a good grandchild!!  Love to you and your grandma,  Marie
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Hopefully Kaylee can go too. I  let Heather skip school to go with my mom last year to Hannibal on short vacation, and she still talks about it. Take Care, Paula

Kaylee keep up the good work at taking care of your grandma.
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   I want you to know that I am more proud of you than you could ever imagine. You know how thankful I am to be here too and you also know that I plan on being here for a lot longer. Nothing could ever take me away from you kids.

  Gail, not to worry, I have already heard about that. Actually I heard about it last year too!
   I have talked about all of you for so long now that she feels she knows many of you and wants to meet you very badly. I don't know how "mom" feels about it so we will just have to wait and see.
     Grandma Chris
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Good Morning, Kaylee .. Welcome!  We share your feelings about your Grandma and are happy you have joined our little family.

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Hi Kaylee, how lovely for you to post about your Grandma. I just looked at all of your pictures and you have such lovely smiles , really happy ,you  have cheered up my day!. We all love your Grandma here too , she is a big part of the forum and helps a lot of people. She is proud of all you Grandchildren too.

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Hi Kaylee!  Welcome to the forum!  How great to see you posting here.  I think you already know what a wonderful lady your grandma is, and we love her very much.  We're very blessed to have her here, just as you are blessed to have her as a grandma!  I am looking forward to seeing her again in Chicago in October.  Maybe you can skip school and come with her!  KIDDING!  Don't hurt me, Chris!! :)  Anyway, I hope we see you posting here again.  You're always welcome!

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