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Septated Ovaria Cyst

Hello, thank you for your posts they have really calmed me down but I want to tell you my case because it's not quite as everyone elses. I just turned 26 had abdominal pain so i went to the doctor thinking it was apendicitis and it turned out to be a septated cyst, approx. 12 cm ( approx 5 inches). He gave me treatment with birth control pills to see if it reduces its size other wise it has to be surgically removed, he thinks surgery is the way to go because of the size . Im scared because he said i should get my CA125 blood test just in case, which made me nervous because if most of the cysts are benign why would he doubt :(:(  I have no kids and i have policystic ovaries, so im afraid about fertility too, only my ovaries are like that (messed up) i do not have any of the other hormonal symptoms like producing more insulin or being over weight. Well if any of you amazing girls have any words of advice, or tips I would greatly appreciate it. thank you
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Hopefully, this cyst is benign as most are in women who do not have a predisposition / genetic link for ovarian cancer. I developed a 9.5cm complex cyst at age 49. My gynecologist should have removed just the cyst (cystectomy) when the frozen section came back benign while I was in the operating room. But he over-treated me and removed all my sex organs (uterus, ovaries, tubes). The non-reproductive functions of these organs became apparent very quickly.

It is concerning that the cyst is so large because that puts you at risk for ovarian torsion which can be very painful and choke off blood supply to the ovary. However, you do not want to have surgery if it can be avoided. Plus, too many women lose ovary(ies) unnecessarily. The loss of even one ovary can disrupt natural hormone production.

As far as the CA125 test, other things can cause an elevated result such as a benign cyst. So you cannot count on it as a diagnostic tool. However, I do not know what percent of elevated results are false positives (absence of cancer). A friend of mine who also had a benign ovarian cyst had a very high CA125 (1000+) while mine was within normal range.
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First off it is because Ovarian Cancer is the most over looked cancer there is they have to be super careful. So a CA125

I wish they had been with me. I had ovarian cysts on both ovaries and my doctor did not tell me for years. She figured it was PCOS. She did not do a CA 125. Several years later and being really sick I went into her partner who did an ultrasound. I was full of cancer. Things would be so different if they had caught it years earlier. I have the BRCA mutation which means I make cancer tumors. That I also did not find out until I had cancer. Both my PCP and Gynecologists use me of the example of not being more careful. I had all the symptoms of Ovarian cancer plus a huge family history.

Back to you if you were over 40 your risk of ovarian cancer with out the BRCA mutation is 1.4%. Since your under 40 it is way less. Non cancerous cysts can hurt. If you had my doctor now she would do a CA125

You have very little to worry about but on the off chance you have cancer you want to catch it. Ultra sound, pelvic exams, and CA125 are the only way to find ovarian cancer. Pap smears and endometrial biopsies miss it. Oh and when you have a pelvic exam make sure they put their hand up your butt. It is not the greatest but it is the only way to feel the ovaries. Some doctors are embarrased. You can't see ovaries externally.

It is normal to worry. As a woman there is nothing more scary than OC or breast cancer. Hopefully this will be benign. Try to hang on to your ovaries. I did not know how important they were until I lost them. They can remove cysts with out taking ovaries if you specify.

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