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Spreaded to Liver

Dear Dr:

My mother was diagonsed with Ovarian cancer in 2003, and had 2 surgeries, since last august that her cancer has spreaded to the liver as the CT scan shows, Doctor changed the chemo, and when i check it was mostly for the lung or the pencreate cancer, what is the best drug for ovarian cancer which has been spreaded liver, does the drug change according to the location it spreaded.
Please let me know how can i get in touch with you regarding her condition

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I'm sorry about your mother's CT scan results.  I know when I first started getting treatments I checked the American Cancer Society: www.cancer.org and the National Cancer Institute: www.cancer.gov, both are trusted sites that show the different treatments used for ovarian cancer.  I get a free booklet on ovarian cancer that I refer to all the time called The Patient Active Guide to Living With Ovarian Cancer that is very helpful, it is printed by www.thewellnesscommunity.org, their number is 1-888-793-WELL.

Most people I know that started with treatment for ovarian cancer in 2003, went with Taxol and Carboplatin, these two were know as the first line treatment drugs, that is the first two drugs most commonly used by oncologists because it had been shown to be the most effective for ovarian cancer (I was stage IIIc).  However, things are always changing and based on your mothers history and how she has reacted to chemo drugs, are all considerations your doctor uses when choosing a treatment. I hope this has helped, wishing the best for you and your mother, Angie  
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It is hard to figure out how it spread with in 2 months, bcz when she had her first CT scan on July everything was fine but only her CA125 was bit high (55) by sept her CA125 increased to 355 and found the growth and the patches in her liver,
my main concern is that when it recurr to a new organ the drug should change ?
I thought where ever it spreads the drug should be related to ovarian cancer

as soon as she was diagnosed her treatment was carboplatin and the to doxil which was mild and answered well until this year

Thanks Angie for sharing the information
God Bless
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