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Surgery date September 11 complex cyst

After months of imaging and blood test I finally have a surgery date of September 11.  My bloodwork  done back in June all came back negative but I've heard that that isn't an exact science .  I am 57 years old postmenopausal the complex systems 4 x 7 on my right ovary .  Because the ultrasound report stated that ovarian neoplasm cannot be omitted an oncologist looked over all of my paperwork he felt that he did not have to be present that the GYN could take care of it on her own.  I don't know how to read into that I'm hoping that that means that there is no reason to suspect cancer.  The cyst is part solid part fluid they are removing the ovary in the fallopian tube and that's fine with me I just want it out.

This weekend I've noticed a little bit of pinching pain and some definite bloating. I'm scared to death!  There is no family history of ovarian cancer but I know that really doesn't mean much.  I also had a CT scan before the ultrasound and everything else in the area looks good a fibroid on my uterus.

I didn't know where else to go to talk about this and get some feedback so here IM any input would be greatly appreciated .  For some reason I got the feeling that because it was complex and because I was postmenopausal it was a death sentence .

Thanks for taking time to read all this .
Love, Lisa

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I forgot to add that the complex cyst has multiple small cysts!!! I feel sick to my stomach
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Unless you have a BRCA mutation you have a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in your life time. When they think it is ovarian cancer they act fast. I was at the oncologist the day after my ultrasound and in surgery by the oncologist in days. CA 125 can be off but they are false positives not false negatives. If the ct scan showed no cancer you are probably good. Usually cancerous cysts are just solid. Chances are good that is not cancer.

Many people have cancer scares and they are scary. Then after surgery it is not cancer and you can be happy.

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Thank  you for taking the time to leave a  reply .  Gave me some comfort and I am desperate for that at this moment .
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Actually there is a 30% false negative rate for the CA125 for those with ovarian cancer. There is a 3% chance of having OVCA over all. The BRCA gene increases the odds and it also improves treatment options.
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As HVAC said, absent the BRCA1 or 2 gene, your lifetime OC risk is less than 2%. Most ovarian cysts including complex ones even in post-menopausal women are benign (non-cancerous). Since the oncologist deferred to the gyn, that would highly indicate that he does not think it is cancerous. And if it is not cancerous per the frozen section done while you are in the operating room, then you should not even need to lose your ovary. The ovaries produce hormones until at least age 80 and are essential to every aspect of health and well-being. Removing even one ovary can disrupt the entire endocrine system since the ovaries are endocrine glands. Both my ovaries were removed for a complex ovarian cyst 9 years ago...I have suffered ever since.

I hope your surgery goes well and the cyst is benign!
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