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TENNESSEE: The Volunteer State

This post is for people from Tennessee.  If you would like to read it please enjoy, but if you are not from TN please don't post on here.  I am just trying to see how many are from TN.  Okay, you guys right over the KY line count too.  I hope someone will start a post for each state.

Jan: Nashville

I have lived most of my life in Tennesse and have lived in every major city.  
Here are some fun facts about TN.

1  Living most of his life in Greeneville, Tennessee, Andrew Johnson held every elective office on the  local, state, and federal levels - from City Alderman to US President. His shrewish mother-in-law, however, never ceased referring to him as "that good-for-nothing job-hopper".
2.  The unofficial state motto is "Moonshine, It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore".
3.  Our license plates read "Barely Tolerating Yankees Since 1865"

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I am 7 miles from TN...and I did live in TN for about 2 years.  Does that count? :)

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Yes, I am trying to get an idea of how many are from each state, but also how far people are away from each other for RL help and get togethers.  It makes it easier for me to look up if the posts are separated that way.  I think most of you KY people live right over the border.  But you have to add some fun facts from KY.  By the way are you okay up there?  We just had a mess whip thru here.  There is a chemical company on fire about 45 miles from here and we can see it glowing in the sky.  MsJazz lives in Jackson and I am very concerned.  The destruction there has been astronomical.  I  was going to call her but it is so late I didn't.  Gonna drop her an email though.
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I am actually 30 miles up the interstate from Jackson , on a golf course in the woods. It did get rough though, our house and office in Jackson survived the storm. I am out here where the deer and raccoons play. Lol. (possums too, they drink my hummingbird food in the summer, i have to put the feeders up high)
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