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Trouble with Diagnosis Ovarian or Colon Cancer?

I'm a 42 year old with family history of colon cancer (maternal grandmother in her early 50's) I also believe my paternal grandmother passed from cancer as well (not 100% sure though). I did test positive for BRCA in my DNA. In 2009 I had polyps removed during a colonoscopy and have not gone back for another scan.
Four months ago, I started feeling ill (lower back pain, hurting to pee, etc). Couldn't pinpoint an exact symptom, but I did go to ER where I was diagnosed with UTI and sent home with antibiotics. About 3 weeks later, I ended up in the ER again for same issue, told I had UTI and sent home, more antibiotics. Three weeks after that is when the nausea just hit me like a ton of bricks. Had a KUB scan which only found 5mm nodule in base of right lung,. I was Dx'd as having kidney infection, given yet stronger antibiotics and sent home. Urinalysis had come back with blood in urine, but not an infection.
During that time, I had had a period that lasted over a week (which was very unlike me). The following period after that was about awful. The clotting was extreme and lasted only 24 hours. Also had bleeding/pain during intercourse. Now, I'm also noticing I'd been feeling weakness and extreme fatigue, swollen feet. Went to my GP where some labs were done and a referral was given for OB Gyn. During this time, I'm noticing these symptoms are persistent. Good days had become a thing of the past and now this severe bloat has me looking like I'm about to deliver. But this bloat seems to have started to mess with my shoulder, breathing is in short breaths.
So I have my appointment with OB where he suggests a hysterectomy, gets my CA 125 along with CBC. The CA 125 cane back 22 and now the last three cbcs have come back with elevated WBC/lymphs absolute. Dr sent me home to take provera in case of endometriosis, but before I could even start that, I started my period 2 weeks early. I also had a seizure with this one. It has been 2 years (longest ever) since I had a seizure, was Dx epilepsy (catamenial) at age 14.
I then get a call from Dr stating I needed to go in and then told me my hysto was off the table, that he believes he will be finding something and do this week just be exploratory laparoscopy.
Last night, was in ER again for my extreme bloating. Was told they only drain for person's with liver failure. Have me a CT with contrast.

All scans have pretty much clear. A transvaginal showed an ovarian cyst but that was normal

My question is:. Can CTs miss ovarian cancer, or could I have colon cancer and be missing it? Also, if it's actually in my colon, would Dr be able to recognize it during laparoscopy if it's not in ovaries? My quality of life lately is in the toilet and I just want to start feeling human again.
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Hello~From my knowledge of ovarian cancer, colon cancer, etc, the results from a CT scan or MRI are not 100% accurate, they can tell if there is a mass, or polyp, but the only gold standard is doing a biopsy. I would ask for another colonoscopy, to rule out colon cancer, and also, I would insist on having that cyst biopsied. I am concerned with your symptoms that there is a small possibility of the start of ovarian cancer, the bloating, the breathing, etc, can be indicators of such. I am not trying to scare you, but even medical articles have stated that some doctors don't take ovarian cancer seriously and have mistakenly diagnosed the pain to be due to IBS, endometriosis, and other benign disorders. Also, even though the CA-125 is "normal" in ladies of child-bearing age, it tends to not be as accurate. Also, with positive for BRCA, this makes you more prone to these cancers than those that aren't positive. Again, it is not always the case, but just a red flag to watch.

Please have these tests done, and let us know the outcome. I hope all goes well for you.
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I am sorry you are dealing with this. It's good that you didn't have a hysterectomy. It's concerning that your OB even suggested that without even knowing the cause of your symptoms. But then again about 90% of hysterectomies are unnecessary. Not only that, hysterectomy causes a whole new set of permanent problems since the uterus and ovaries have lifelong functions.  I have learned more than I ever cared to know since having one 13 years ago.

I wonder if all the antibiotics you took are causing or contributing to all or some of your symptoms. Illness can affect the menstrual cycle. And it's possible too that you are starting perimenopause when our cycle goes haywire. Even still, this probably can't explain all your symptoms.

It would seem that a CT scan would pick up ovarian cancer or suspicious masses. I am not sure how they check for colon cancer. At this point, it may be a good idea to see a gastroenterologist maybe even before you have your OB do a laparoscopy.

I hope you can get answers and relief soon. And hopefully it won't be anything serious. Please keep me updated.
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Also, my pelvic organs now feel as if I just did a bunch of sit ups or punched in the gut. Of course neither of those things took place but this is a new issue that started two days ago
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