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Tvus and endometrial bx - ovarian ca?

In petite souses Age 51 no period  For five months then three weeks straight of light bleeding with continued cramping went to MD did transvaginal ultrasound showed lining 20.22 mm thick and ovaries normal size and normal blood flow. Did endometrial biopsy showed out of phase lining. Took norethindrone 10 mg daily for 15 days  - it took 10 days of taking the drug before bleeding and cramping stopped  two days after finishing the drug got heavy bleeding for five days with cramping again - now on 6th day light bleeding but cramps still there less but there - md says hormonal but I’m concerned if I’ve done enough to rule out ovarian ca as my gma had it at age 80 any thoughts appreciated
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You are at the age where the menstrual cycle is unpredictable. Basically anything goes - no period for months on end followed by heavy and/or prolonged bleeding, periods one right after the other, etc. If it is infringing on your life too much, you can use hormonal (birth control pills) or non-hormonal (tranexamic acid / Lysteda) to help normalize it.

If your ovary(ies) had some abnormality, I would think that the TVUS would have seen it. Although your grandma had ovarian cancer at age 80, if you don't have other close relatives who have had it, you may not be at increased risk. Our risk for it increases as we age but a woman's lifetime risk is VERY low at less than 2% (1.3% to be exact based on govt. statistics). My aunt also had OC late in life (in her 80's). It seems her oncologist was not concerned about her daughters havingt an increased risk. Of course, if this is a concern you could get tested.
Thanks for your response , i am a nurse and if i were my patient I’d tell me just the same as you wrote but with 3 kids ages 15 to 21 you want to stick around!! The symptoms are not life altering - right now it just feels cramps like getting a period throughout the day on and off with spotting - the symptoms are acceptable as long as the cause is perimenapause taking its course
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I understand... the "worst case" thoughts can really do a number on us! They did for me when I was dealing with a gyn issue. Hang in there!
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