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Hi everyone.  I am okay.  I have been looking in every so often, but haven't posted for a while.  I am doing okay.  Just taking care of the babies and new puppy and using all my energy on them.  I am not doing any treatment on the cancer under my stomach.  I am just going to wait and see what is there when we scan in December and decide what to do.  I think of all of you not just daily, but all of the time.  I am unable to go to Chicago.  My GI troubles just do not let me stray far from home.  Love to all, Marie
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Thank you for updates. Try to enjoy yourself while not on chemo.

Love you back.
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Thanks so much for letting us know.  Enjoy your break and know that you will be so missed in Chicago.  Love, Trudie
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So glad you checked in.  Been thinking about you and hoping everything was okay.  I'm glad you have some time without chemo so your body can regain some strength.  Hope you're enjoying your time with the babies and puppy!  We'll miss you in Chicago but will be thinking about you.  Take care!

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Glad to see a post from you Marie.  Think of you often, I know babies and puppy keep you pleasantly distracted from cancer woes.  Enjoy!
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Hi Marie,

Thank you for letting us know how you are doing.  The babies and puppy sound nice, two of my favorite things.  I certainly relate re: not straying to far from the bathroom.  Well please let us know what your decisions are later on in the year.  My new Onc will discuss with me the next steps to take at my first post/op on Nov.3rd.  So unitl then just trying to heal and enjoy my dog and the fall weather.

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It's good to hear from you. The struggles have been tough the past few weeks here on the board and there are times I'm almost afraid to ask how people are doing. But it's so good to hear from each and every one. A break from chemo is terrific but December seems like a long time to wait for another scan. Give the puppy a hug and be sure to get one in return. Here's an extra one from me.  ((you))

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Enjoy the break Marie, it was great speaking with you this evening, and I am glad to see you back.
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Hi Marie,

Sorry to hear things are up in the air with your next treatment steps...that can be stressful to just be waiting.  I am hoping you get some good news with your December scan and that the GI troubles subside.  I am glad you are enjoying your adorable puppy and family.  My pup (ha) is two years old now.  I decided to get her for my kids shortly after my cancer dx, but I must say I may be the one in the family who needed her most.  She is great company.  

Take Care,

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Hi Marie,
So good to see a post on here from you.  I hope that you can enjoy this break from chemo, enjoy the puppy and the babies. Those are the sweetest things!! I will keep you in my daily prayers and will pray for good results from your December scan. You will be greatly missed in Chicago!!
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Hi Marie!
I'm so glad to see you posted recently.  I was just on the cyst site, and thought I'd pop over to see how my old friends are doing.

I'm sorry to here you're still struggling--what a taxing thing cancer is... (midly put).
My nieces came back again, and they are trying yet another chemo cocktail for her.
She had to cancel her wedding, is down to about 90 pounds, and is on the one of the last available drugs she can take for her sarcoma.  Please keep her in your prayers, she is only 23, and has been fighting against this for almost three years now.
I noticed one of the ladies is on caring bridge, if you have a site there, let me know.
I go to it daily for my niece.

It is nice to see you spending the fall gaining strength.
God Bless,
Donna (Morrowville)
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Bummer!  I was really looking forward to meeting you in Chicago.  But you need to take care of yourself first.  I saw the picture of the baby.  Aleisa is so adorable.  I hope to seen some more pictures posted of her and the puppies soon. You are always in my prayers.  Enjoy the break from treatment.  Love Lisa
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