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Thanks to all my die hard buddies for keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.  As of 12/17, I am back in treatment, once a month Caelyx (same as Doxil in US.)  He was quite enthusiastic about improvements in my condition and thinks this may buy me some good extra quality time.  What a roller coaster ride this has been, I will just fasten my seat belt and hope for a good ride.
Merry Christmas everybody!
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Merry Christmas my little sparkler. I can't say chemo is fun but at least they feel you're worth it. And so do I so keep kicking . . . . derriere my dear.

hugs, irene

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What a wonderful Christmas present!  Fantastic news!  Woo Hoo!!!!
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Wow, rollercoaster indeed! But like Irene said, they have not given up on you just yet, and that's good news! I hope the treatments go well and are successful with minimal side effects. Have a nice Christmas!
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I agree with others...Merry Christmas.....I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that this will be a good ride.....

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That's great news, have been thinking of you and hoping you were doing okay so great to hear that you are hanging in there.

Fingers crossed for the Caelyx and have a great Christmas.
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This is great news.  I am so glad you have improved and are able to get treatment.  Merry Christmas Sharon.

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I know it always seems like one step forward, two steps back.  But this is one step forward that is certainly great news!  Never thought I would be telling someone how happy I am they are going into chemo, but yours is certainly a unique situation.  Seems your body is not done fighting, so your cheering section is right here ready to help you keep it up!!  Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I hope this Christmas is more special than you could ever imagine!

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Fantastic Sharon, keep up the good fight! Merry Christmas to you and yours
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What good news! I don't know you but have been watching and hoping you would get something good going on and looks like you did.

Have the merriest Christmas ever!!
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hopefully prayers have been answered. so glad for the good news. you keep fighting  and be the energizer bunny, that we all know  you can be. Merry christmas to you and your family. i hope the side effects are minimal for you
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Yes, yes, yes:-)  I am so happy for you and hope that in addition to the treatments that you are able to feel relief and enjoy!

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This was so great to read today. Made my Christmas holidays much better! I am so happy for you, hope the side effects will be minimal and you can enjoy the holidays too. It is just wonderful news Sharon, thank you for posting and letting us know. Many hugs and Merry Christmas!
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Fantastic news Sharon. Hoping you enjoy your christmas with your family. Take it easy, and keep up the good fight. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! As all you ladies fighting this are.
Love Maurita
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It was so good to read your post. Just wishing all the best for a fantastic holiday ! This is good news ! Thanks for keeping us "in the loop".

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas !

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I'm glad to hear that you are doing better and are able to start on a new chemo.  I'm surprised that you have never taken Caylex/doxil before.  I'm hopeful that this will keep you feeling well and I hope you have a very, very, happy Christmas and are looking forward to a healthier new year!
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Wishing you all the joys of the holidays.  Enjoy!  
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I'm so glad you're doing better!  What great news for Christmas. Keep fighting. The fat lady ain't ready to sing yet!  K
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Are you talking about me?  I know all those Taco Bell trip are catching up with me. And you're right - I'm not ready to sing. So Sharon - give this old lady some time to practice my tra-la-la's. Hugs to you all.  irene
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Hope this goes really well for you.  May the side effects be few and your Christmas be Merry.  Marie
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