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Vaginal bleeding following radical hysterectomy

Hi. I have had a a radical hysterectomy on April 20th this year. The first three months after surgery went well. No bleeding, no fatigue. Had 4 chemo sessions before op and two after. Last chemo was on May 20. Whilst on holiday in July I started to burp more often so on my return I visited my oncology prof who did a CA125 test. This was normal (8)and he said that scar tissue was probably responsible for the symptoms. However, a month later now I had a nasty bout of painless diarrhoea for 24 hours followed by light vaginal spotting the next day. Could this still be due to scar tissue? Just so worried............
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Hello, I wish I could ease your worries.  I also had bleeding after surgery.  The doctors kept saying it was normal.  Later on, after visiting many different doctors, I found out I have a fistula.  I also found out I have colitis after having a sigmoid.  I'm not saying that is what you have, but you deserve a more through check from your doctor so you don't have to continue being worried.  You deserve answers, it's your body and if your concerned, they need to see you.  If you can see your surgeon or a obgyn/surgeon/onlcologist, they can test and see what is wrong. Let me know how your doing.  Sending prayers for speedy answers.

Take care, Angie
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From spring905

Dear Angie. It is good to talk to you. I have composed a note to my oncologist and hope that he will see me asap. You are right, worrying is not a good thing.
As if I wasn't already depressed...................... Are you on HRT? I am not and that probably does not help my mood either.

I gather you have a teenage son? So do I. He is an only child, 15, and means everything to me too.

Are you using any alternative treatments?

Take care,  Mx
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Hi, it's nice talking to you too.  I'm not on HRT either.  They said I wasn't a candidate for any hormones or other things like that.  I'm not on any alternative treatments, but I have tried different things over the years... I went vegetarian for a while and avoided sugar, but the cancer came back and pizza without cheese is just wrong!  I've done Nonie Juice and wheat grass, both made me sick to the stomach, so I quit those too without results.  So I'm done with alternatives. Have you tried any?

You have a teenager too! Is he going into High School this year?  My son's a junior and his first day back is tomorrow.  My son's name is Chase, what's your son's name? My son has kept me strong through out all of this, he's the only one I can count on to treat me normal, like a mom and to expect me to always be there, you know what I mean?

Let me know what your oncologist says. I hope you get to see him soon and I hope I hear from you again soon.

Take care, Angie
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I had bleeding after my hysterectomy too. I spotted for about 100 days. Finally, I talked him into a CT Scan and there it was...another tumor. Please press your doctor to seek the reason you are bleeding...not just push you off like mine did. I ended up having another cancer surgery and six months of chemo.
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