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can my cyst be cancerous?

hi! im 20 years old and im super worried. I have had a couple cysts since i was about 16. Last year i got an ultrasound for pain in my lower abdomen and they found an 8cm cyst that was suppose to be dermoid (only fluid filled) i had gotten another ultrasound 2 months later and it went down to 5.2cm. Fast forward about 5 months later and after another ultrasound it was still the same size but now it was a complex cyst. that was about 2 months ago, a couple weeks ago i had gotten another one and now it has grown to 6.7cm. I have so many other symptoms such as i am exhausted all day long (much more than usual) lower ab and back pain, im out of breath if i just walk up the stairs and i become dizzy, i am bloated all the time and my bowel movements seem to be irregular. i got blood done last week and it all came back negative but my doctor refused to do a CA-125 test because i was aparently too young. My symptoms are progressing and im really nervous! has anyone else had this experience or have been miss diagnosed?
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NOT Dermoid i meant it was just a simple cyst that turned into a complex cyst but no one seems worried about this!
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First off a woman who does not have the BRCA cancer gene (Lots of people in your family under 60 with reproductive cancer) has a 1.4% of getting Ovarian cancer in her life time. At your age the statistics are even lower. If you have cysts on both ovaries than you have even less of a chance. Most times they can see ovarian cancer on an ultrasound. By the time you have symptoms it is progressed enough to see on an ultrasound. Over 98% of ovarian cysts are benign even big ones.

My symptoms were anorexia, First bleeding almost every day for two year then no period at all. Then when I stopped having my period I threw up all the time. I threw up because my bowels were blocked from the cancer and nothing could get through. I had no real pain. I did bloat at the end. When they did my ultrasound they sent me to an oncologist the next day because they could see the cancer clearly.

You could explain to your doctor that a CA 125 would put you at ease. It is not an accurate test and has many false positives meaning it can be high simply because you have female hormones.

If you had polycystic ovarian syndrome which is not cancerous but has many symptoms which can make you feel bad, there are things that can be done about that.

I do have ovarian cancer but I do have the BRCA 1 gene like Angelina Jolie. My grandmother, aunt, cousin, father and, brother all had reproductive cancer young. I was 49 when I was diagnosed.

You can always get a second opinion if you are still worried. Or you can have frequent ultrasounds.


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