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complex cyst or hydrosalpinx

I was wondering if anyone has had unmatching ultrasounds and MRI and what you recommend.  I had an ultrasound (transvaginal) which found 2 complex cysts (1.0 and 1.8 cm) and two "cystic structures" separate from the left ovary (one 3.1 cm and one 2.1 cm).  They recommended a pelvic MRI which only stated 3.6 cm x 2cm extra ovarian structure which "likely represents" hydrosalpinx?  Not sure what to do as the results don't match?  Second opinion?  Unclear imaging?
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Ultrasounds use sound waves to make a picture. MRI uses a magnetic field. Neither is a true picture. They only way to tell for sure is to go inside and look. This is where doctors have to make educated guesses. These machines spare us a lot of exploratory surgery but they are not as good as people think they are.Hydrosalpinx is fluid in a blocked fallopian tube.

I have CT scans all the time. One said I had a breast tumor under my arm. I told my doctor I thought it was a lymph node. They did mammograms which lead to an ultrasound the ultrasound showed a normal lymph gland. Every time I have dental x rays they think I have mouth cancer until I remind the dentist I had a blow to my jaw with a ladder.

We think these tests are clear and they are not and each one shows something different. Sometimes the doctors have to look at several of them to decide what it is. The say likely represents which is different from it is.

What is important is what the doctor says. They may say wait and see, they may suggest surgery. I do not know about the fallopian tubes.

Yes you can always get another opinion. I am not sure if it will change things. Most likely if it is not something requiring surgery they may repeat the tests in time, how much I do not know.


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I agree - imaging is not perfect. If you do indeed have complex cysts, they are rather small and sometimes go away on their own. So monitoring would seem a reasonable option. I was over-treated for a complex ovarian cyst that was benign - lost both ovaries, uterus, and tubes. I wish I had done things very differently to protect my vital organs and their life long functions.
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