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mucinous ovarian neoplasm

What is a mucinous ovarian neoplasm? Is it the same as mucinous cystedenoma?  Is it cancer? How does it get treated?
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This is what the pathology report said :
The features are in keeping with derivation from the wall of a cystic mucinous ovarian neoplasm  (differential would include a mucinous cystedenoma ).
There are no features of invasive malignancy in the sections examined.

This was after my surgery to remove the cyst last year October. The mass was 3.5cm. I've been having vaginal pain, burning and numbness and also pain in the rectal area even after surgery. The mass has now returned and its 2cm. I'm having another laparoscopy next week. What is the proper treatment for this normally? Do they remove the ovary and is there a possibility that they might do a full hysterectomy?  
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Mucinous Ovarian Neoplasms make up 36% of ovarian cysts. 75% are benign. They are made of the same tissue that makes up the intestines 98% of all ovarian cysts are benign.

A woman unless she has the BRCA mutation only has a 1.4% chance of ovarian cancer in her lifetime. You can have a malignancy inside a mucinous ovarian neoplasm

Mucinous cystedenoma are benign cysts. MONs can be MCs. MCs can have cancer cells in side them. You are still looking at the 1.4% lifetime chance of ovarian cancer.
I am not sure what your doctor will do. It is important to hold on to your ovaries if you can. Do not be afraid to get a second opinion. You can even elect to see a Gyn/oncologist. They not only do cancer but more complex cases.

I am no doctor. I have cancer because I have the BRCA mutation and my grand mother and aunt died of ovarian cancer.If the doctors thought it was cancer they would move fast. I was in surgery in days. I was at the oncologist the day after my ultrasound.

If the cyst is pressing on your vagina and rectum that could be causing the pain. If it were removed and they might have to take the ovary you might feel better. You can have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer with a benign tumor or cyst. It all depends on location.

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Thanks HVAC. I don't have a history of ovarian or any type of gynaecological cancers in my family. The only cancers I'm aware of on my maternal side is that my mom had a brain tumour and my grandad had stomach and liver cancer. No cancers in my paternal side that I'm aware of. My CA after my surgery to remove the cyst was 40 or 45 I think. It had gradually come down from October to November to 13 and about a week ago its been 17. My Dr had decided to wait it out after removing the cyst as it had come back and she wanted to see if it would shrink but it seems to growing to its original size again. Before surgery it was 3.5cm. Two months after surgery it was 1cm and another month later it was 2cm. My doctor said its definitely going to grow more. The plan is to have another surgery to remove the cyst again and worse case scenario if it has to be done she will remove the ovary. My doctor is not a gyn oncologist but a senior specialist gynaecologist with a special interest in menopause and infertility. There isn't really a gyn oncologist that I can see. I have full faith in my current doctor. I searched high and low for her after having bad experiences with other standard gynaecologists. I can gather that she is very well educated and a lot of what she told me I have researched afterwards and its proven to me that she does know what she talks about. I have found that she has been very thorough with me by sending me for a lot of blood work and ultrasounds. She really takes the time of day to listen to my concerns and do explain things to me very much in detail. She has taken photos of my organs during surgery and then explains to me everything she has done. She also talks to my husband and explain to him all the issues. She takes my fertility seriously and is trying her best to preserve it as much as possible. She is very realistic and from my first appointment I realised that she doesn't sugarcoat things (unlike my previous doctor) She basically told me because I have had an ectopic pregnancy I stand a very high risk of having another ectopic whereas my other doctors kept saying don't worry its highly unlikely to have another one. I'm just scared that I come out of surgery and find that they had to do a hysterectomy. That would devastate me. It's also stressing me that when I typed in ovarian neoplasm in Wikipedia the word ovarian cancer popped up
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Ovarian Cancer pops up on alot of searches even though it is rare.What a great doctor you had. My first gyn/oncologist was a total jerk. You are in way better hands. It is normal to be scared. It is some scary stuff you are going through. Some doctors do hysterectomies on everyone. Your doctor is not going to do one unless she has to. I cried for days when they told me I had a really bad cancer after my surgery. It is almost 4 years and I am happy these days. I dwell on the good moments. Today my husband and I are going for a drive. Valentines Movie and Dinner. We went to Europe last year. The year before I adopted and adorable deaf dalmatian puppy. I have a 15 year old deaf dalmatian and a 5 year foxhound. I also have a sweet kitty cat. I could not have children. My husband and I adjusted.
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