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my mother pathology

hi,i'm sorry for my english.my mother had a surgery 2 weeks ago.the results of pathology are :
-Parametrial involvement by papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma.
-Cervix,endometrium and myometrium are free of tumoral involvement.
cervix:chronic cervictis,nabothian cyst,squmous metaplasia.
2-Omentum,partial omentectomy
-Involvment by serous Cystadenocarcinoma.
3-Right ovary and fallopian tube,salpingo-oophorctomy:
-Papillary serous Cystadenocarcinoma of ovary,moderately differentiated,capsule ruptured.
-Fallopian tube is involved by tumer.
-No lymph node is included.
-Vascular invasion present.
4-Left ovary and fallopian tube,salpingo-oophorctomy:
-Papillary serous Cystadenocarcinoma,moderattley defferentiated,capsul ruptured.
-Left fallopian tube is free of tumoral involvment.

i have some questions,what ias the next object we should do?(we want to go to a anclologist)
what is her chance to be alive without dangeroues.
chemo or thrapy u prefer?
can she be healful after all treatments and doea her usual life?
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pezhman_v, you mother does need to see an gyn, oncologist.  The next step depends upon what he/she has to say.  Chemotherapy is the usual treatment.
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Your mother needs to see an oncologist...she and her oncologist will be able to discuss her options and the best direction for her to go regarding chemotherapy...it is scary at first but once a battle plan is determined it will be less so...some say this is a disease we simply learn to live with...for some of us it recurrs...for others it does not....your mom is no different from the rest of us....we just deal with issues as they arrise...try not to worry so much about the years ahead...deal with what is dealt today and tomorrow will come...I wish you and your mom the very best...please do come back to talk...
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