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ovarian cysts

I'm 28 years old and a year ago I started having low pelvic pain (lef side).  my obgyn thought it was coming from a bladder infection that i had at that time.  After a couple of weeks of antibiotics The pain never went way, he sent me for an ultrasound. everything looked ok on the ultrasound, except a small cyst on my left ovary.  He put me on birth control pills but nothing happend i was still having pelvic pain.  He sent me to see a colon specialist and a colonoscopy was done and everything looked ok.  A laparoscopy was done and he drained several cyst on my left ovary.  my laparoscopy was done November 11, 2008.  on January 15 I was having pelvic pain again.  A doctor in the ER sent me for a vaginal ultrasound.  the ultrasound revealed that my right ovary measured 2.6x3.9x3.6 centimeters. left ovary measures 3.7x2.3x3.2 centimeters.  there were numerous follicular cyst in both ovaries.  I'm still having pelvic pain and my question is should i go back and see my obgyn or should i just wait and see if this cyst are going to go away on their own.
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Hi there,
You have had a good evaluation.My question to your ob gyn doctor is: what exactly was found at laparoscopy? Do you have endometriosis? adhesions? or did everything look perfect?  This is important information for the future. If you have endometriosis, that can cause pain and birth control pills can help.
If there is no abnormalities (cysts can be normal consequences of ovulation), that changes the meaning of your pain.

Some women develop chronic pelvic pain without physical findings. That is usually treated by interventions such as acupuncture, biofeedback, and so on.
best wishes
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Thank you very much for your answer.  I forgot to mention a few things on my previous message. On my Laparoscopy no adhesions or endometriosis was found.  All he found was small cysts on my left ovary, which he drained.    The pain on my left side started after 10 months after  I had my tubes blocked (essure procedure).  Are you familiar with the this procedure?  I live in a small town and here not everybody is up to date with this procedure.  Last time I went for a vaginal ultrasound the technician asked me if I had an IUD.  I explained to her that I had the essure procedure done (she had no clue what I was talking about) but she mentioned that she could see pretty clearly a device or something on my uterus.  Do you know how far in the uteturs the coils are suppose to be?  I'm very concerned regarding having the coils misplaced in my uterus insted of being on my tubes.  One part of the ultrasound that i forgot to mentioned was  "incidental findings is apparent echogenic area in region of the endometrium thought to be secondary to birth control decice.  Do you know what this mean?  looking forward to your response. thanks.
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