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post-op recovery at home

My mom will be having surgery in 2 weeks for what they think is primary peritoneal carcinoma.  She will have a TAHBSO, removal of the omentum, possible bowel resection and debulking (I guess whatever else needs to be removed)  We are trying to make her recovery at home as comfortable as possible.  Has anyone had this surgery?  What are the best things for us to do for her after she comes home?
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Make sure she has a stool softner to go along with the pain meds!  The narcotics can make you very constipated and it can be very painful and dangerous to strain.  She should get plenty of liquids (tea, water, juice) to keep her hydrated.  Make sure she takes her pain meds.  If the pain gets too much, it is so hard to get it back under control. Get her plenty of books to read, movies to watch and things that she does not have to get up too much for.  She will need to walk about a bit to get things moving and also to promote the healing process, but she should not over do it.  You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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Much of recovery depends upon your mother's age and physical condition going into the surgery, as well as how extensive the surgery is.  I was 61 facing the same procedure, in great physical condition.  I had the total hysteratomy, removal of tubes and ovaries, and debulking.  I was home in 2and 1/2 days,  my sister was with me by day, my husband by night.  I did walk twice a day and either outside or in a mall.  I could not drive for 2 weeks, I think so that is a problem.  In between I took naps.  Having someone who is there, and doesn't care if you fall asleep is comforting.  Also having  meals cooked for you is great, because there is no way, any one post op from this procedure will be cooking right away.
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Hi there, for gyn surgery, it could only be a day or a few days hospital stay but if she does have a colon resection, it will be a much longer stay.   I work in a post operative colon cancer unit and most have resections.  The time frame could be up to a week or longer with that surgery.  Most likely with the colon resection she will have an NG tube.  (nasal gastric) It usually stays in place for a few days hooked up to continuous suction, getting all the gastric secretions out so her colon can heal without worrying about processing them.  Just make sure she does everything the nurses say.  Get up and walk when they tell her to.  This is not the time to be lazy, studies have shown that patients who ambulate fast and frequently after surgery do the best, heal faster and are discharged much quicker.  Do the breathing excercises  that they say.  She will do fine!!  Merytre
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A friend recommended a soft pillow to hold to the abdomen when you have to move or (god forbid!) cough or sneeze during the first week(s) post-op & it really helped.  

also, shd your mom have gas pains from the surgery - walking is good, but i found it wasn't always enough.  for me, anise seeds (chewing them, or putting them on bread & eating) was the only thing that brought real relief.  strange, but true.  

good luck to her!!
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