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should i stop worrying

I had some vaginal spotting spotting off and on after going thur menapause six years ago.I went to gyn and had an internal and external ultra sound and biopsie eyerything came back normal.He said to come back if spotting continues and he'll do more test.I still have pain and bloating gas weight gain.Could it still be ovarian cancer im still feel something is not right with my body.
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All I can say is if you feel something is not right with your body? then keep the doctors aware and searching to find out what is wrong. Would I worry about OVCA right now? Probably not, as long as tests come back negative. Would I stop searching for answers? No . I think we should listen very closely to our bodies, and not ignore signs of anything not feeling just right. Keep the doctors working on answers for you. Good luck
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Thank you for answering my question.Sometimes I worry more than I should since I was diag.with lymphoma and trying to get back to normal after chemo.I guess I'll just keep an eye on things and pray that I sstay healthy.  Thanks and God bless you
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Bleeding after menopause is never a good sign.  It is a symptom telling you something is wrong.  Bleeding after intercourse and a slight sense of pressure on my rectum were the only signs I had to indicate trouble.   I was diagnosed IC ovarian cancer.  
Find out what is going on and don't stop until you do.
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